Comedy as if Knowledge Mattered

A Jew, a white guy, and a black guy walk into a bar.

WAIT! – This  is a setup that could be factual by the standards of modern comedy, but the concepts of race and ethnic identification are pseudo-science. All humans are of the same species, and only culture can impute to them some sort of illusory in-group trait-sharing. All humans trace their lineage back to the savanna in Africa  or a couple of competing original hotspots in China,  making any recent cultural tribal affiliation suspect as a determinant of the complex nature of individual identity. The “white” guy, for example, could have Jewish forebears that he and his family are unaware of, but he certainly is as related to one of the 100 breeding pairs that survived the population bottleneck 70,000 years ago as is the allegedly “black” fellow.

Humans are highly suggestible, especially when false notions of social superiority are introduced, so the ideas of “whiteness” and “blackness” become hammered into a false knowledge that invades the individual psyche. Each of us  exists as a separate mixture of DNA,  alone in space and time, so that we should be as affected by the genocide of a faraway, allegedly unrelated grouping of humans as by the murder of our immediate family members.  When each of us dies, we do not return or ascend to some racial clearinghouse in the sky, safely interred among our racial bedfellows. Instead, our atoms return to the universe to reconfigure in different forms, the only factual knowledge that can survive this hackneyed Shecky Greene premise.

Three differently-hued, only recently  tribally disaggregated  members of the same species walk into a bar. 

The bar, however, is closed. They walk back out to look for a bar that is open, hopefully one  that will not be populated by racist patrons who may beat them savagely for presuming to be unaware of racialized orthodoxy.




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