The Limits to Reason

The world of philosophy has always been forbidding and fundamentally boring, so there should be some space where Big-Think topics can be raked around without the usual pontificating bafflegab spoiling the therapy session.

As much as WordPress atheist testimonies are as thrilling and humane as any works of art available in the over-saturated Interwebs, there is no personal atheist-coming-out history retailed here at Fun Social Nihilism.  Every atheist’s story of rejecting the stupidities of religious propaganda is an uplift of rational opposition to the evidence-free blatherskiting of all manners of religious and spiritual claptrap, but every individual has to arrive at this point of understanding through hard-earned intellectual resistance.

Once there, though, without any gods or leprechauns or secret governing forces to the universe, the individual must confront the limits to awareness. Conscious reflection  and cognition is a sweet paradise, but science demonstrates that each of us has a wonderworld of unconscious neural underlayment to all that we think. That rodent ancestor that we humans derive from, along with all of our mammalian cousins, is the lurking, furtive predecessor of our vagaries of hate, antipathy, familial discord, barely barely concealed enmity. As journalist Laurence Gonzalez has brilliantly illustrated in some fine books on resilience and survival, we humans would die if we depended on reason alone. Our emotional powerhouse of unconscious, or instinct-driven action, is what augments our analytical prowess to determine our successful fates as artful dodgers. Inside our roiling, pestilent, nuclear stores of association and conjecture and confusion, we supply the emotive energy to accompany the direct presentation of atheist rationality.

Unfortunately, for our social and intellectual lives, there are legions of chicken-entrail readers out there in wordpress world and Trumptown, ever ready to quote some ancient religious bilge to buttress their cultish veneration of arguments from authority.


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