The awful success of the supersystem is to present hideous pollution, constant degrade, ineluctable profit, and constant lying as the de facto stuff of everyday life. Within this farrago of criminal overlordism, the lowly social nihilist peeps back against  the more mendacious of the daily cultural onslaught. Armed with a space-age DVR, the TV-Watching FSNer can escape most of the bilious, horrendous Madison Ave terrors upon the psyche, but for a live NCAA basketball tournament, the channel offers repeated showings of some extruded monstrosity from Audi:


No, you didn’t, you jackass hipster buckethead – this as as dumb a phrase as can be made in this year of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump – that is, the year of death of all reason. There must be some over-educated, nitwit hipster manque who came up with this furiously stupid invention, in the depths of his or her ignorant, feted cess-brain, and will cash residual checks enough to build a backyard heated swimming pool for having his fellow ad-morons fly this phrase by the German engineers and their moneyed cretin backers.

Intelligence is not the new anything.  Rock ‘n roll has been killed by the suits, the conservative corporate fascists who appropriated its faux rebelliousness to sell their Ayn Randian freakshows of money-grubbing schlock.

Phony sellout  “comedians” like the once-“hip”, now -odious Ricky Gervais trade on their earlier status as lower-class satirists of the arch-pretensions of the establishment,  to hawk some cell-phone corporation’s snake oil pitch.  For a few more dollars, the celeb-fake loses all claim to principle and dignity, whoring his or her well-earned intelligent commentary to the gratification of the ultra-rich shareholders of a tax-cheat corporation. He’ll be in rehab soon.

Having never sold, Fun Social Nihilism can never sell out.

Please disregard any ad that appears next to this post. Do not send the ad sleaze any remaining neurons that have survived the corporate Information Overload. Boycott the supersystem. Fight the Man. Be Nobody.  Turn the channel, repeatedly. Detect ad sexism. Repeat, as often as necessary.

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