Take whatever you have been reading or doing, say in the past three months in which Fun Social Nihilism has been on the worldwide scene as the number 1 place for the real and true fun social nihilism – well, what’s been going on?  Any movement towards that fine, free, better world we have all been promised by the academic industrial process?

Student debt is still at about the $1 trillion level, give or take a few new methods to imprison and ensnare the desperately poor and besieged middle class, and Gen. Stanley McChrystal is a Senior Fellow  in Mass Killing at Yale University, funded by a corporate criminal alumnus of Yale University. The charter school con of taking public tax money and giving it to the next-gen “reform” privatizers has now the generous support of many fine, extremely expensive corporate/academic partnerships such as Bennington College. So, no, to be fair, there is not the slightest sense of any contestation to the supersystem coming from the mobbed-up, grade-grubbing, corporate-endowment funded scams known to the world as drug-and-sports-and camp adventure College U.

The world is getting much hotter, much faster, and all the ecological signs of destruction are in place. Congratulations to us all. James Hansen, the author of Storms of My Grandchildren, is back to warn us about the sea-level rise, but his book could have been titled Happy-Meal Toys of My Grandchildren, because there is isn’t the merest inclination or ability of parents or grandparents to stop this incessant buying of one-use plastic gewgaws, whose sheer tonnage, even in this allegedly eco-conscious age, is greater than the weight of the sinking landmass that will be formerly known as Kiribati (pronounced Kiri-bash by those doomsters in the know, not Kiri-batty -as is the incorrect pronunciation by Happy-Meal Toy- buying Westerners).

The US political scene of today is an epic farce, but there should be no rearward-looking nostalgia, a la the anhedonic pietists of today’s  Keillorian-Hedges pettifoggery. This supersystem of friendly fascism has been full-sized since the Dulles days, as David Talbot, a JFK-Camelot idolator, nicely details in The Devil’s Chessboard.  Yet the money from this imperial murder  and genocide-support ashes all around us, even our own snow-white, morally pure selves, leaving no room for the usual finger-pointing  Bad Guys them/ Good Guys us. Religions do a nice job of using this evident guilt to jumpstart a cultish cycle of inducing guilt, setting up a huge vacuum of whooshing money from these guilted ignoramuses, and then protecting themselves as guilt-manipulators with the political spoils from throwing some of this stolen money around to flim-flamming politicians.

What to do with all the mounting, clear, completely rational and dispiriting evidence?

No to “hope” for the collapse of the supersystem, as doomster mysticist Morris Berman does over the phone with exiled super-agent Judith Regan, after getting a token of going-nowhere interest in his hopefully never-to-be-published book about Japan. Sorry- Fun Social Nihilism is not going to embrace the wonders and joys of societal collapse, the scenario of horrific mass death, starvation, and suffering that seems to gladden the heart of crank and self-promoting doomsters everywhere. Hope, as stamped by  that factory-issued litany of cross-cultural Solutions, Inc. that every human seems to demand, lies only in –

We’ll be right back, after the break.

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