Important New Study Confirms Bias for Religious Accommodationism in Academy

There must a be a huge reason why millions of people across the globe are flocking, like religious sheep, to this Fun Social Nihilism site  to get their atheist news, straight dope, analytic insights, state-of-the-art neutrino science, and free  coupons for a genetic lottery contest. One reason is that there are precious few “special interests” secretly controlling the agenda or minutes or subject hypotheses – FSN has accepted no money (0$) from the mad billions of the Templeton Foundation. FSN is not connected with any academic funding scheme dependent on state legislatures, nor from well-heeled plutocrats looking to launder corporate money and limit intellectual debate. Nor does FSN  have a book contract that it must  somehow honor with MLA-formatted positivist social science.

Here comes the study from the ivory tower: brain-shrinkers from a business college and an corporate  engineering mill have found, via  functional magnetic resonance imaging, whatever that is –  a clear and perfect window into our neuronal, synaptical wonderworld?  Really? Kind of phrenology, this time with a screen? To get back to what they so cleverly, and fortunately for the religion studies majors and religious benefactors of higher education, is that there are some scores in which religion scores higher than science. Not in religious faith – that’s for idiots, as they concede. Here’s the round-up from Science Daily:

“A stream of research in cognitive psychology has shown and claims that people who have faith (i.e., are religious or spiritual) are not as smart as others. They actually might claim they are less intelligent.,” said Richard Boyatzis, distinguished university professor and professor of organizational behavior at Case Western Reserve, and a member of Jack’s team.

“Our studies confirmed that statistical relationship,

No kidding! You religious folks are at least half-brainless, as grant-securing older prof says.

To believe in a supernatural god or universal spirit, people appear to suppress the brain network used for analytical thinking.

You’re just not thinking, people! You religionists are in the no-analysis zone, the one that chickens and toads inhabit. Thanks to this research, from the academy, it has, for time immemorial, been proven that religious faith a literally a no-brainer. End of religion, right?

Not quite. No way this research would ever been permitted to go through the religion-saturated academy. It seems that the phrenologists did give the religionists high scores for this alternative realm:

The researchers suggest, however, that taking a carefully considered leap of religious faith appears be an effective route to promoting emotional insight. Theirs and other studies find that, overall, religious belief is associated with greater compassion, greater social inclusiveness and greater motivation to engage in pro-social actions.

So we right-minded atheists are hate-filled anti-humanists, after all. We have no empathy, dammit! We hate ourselves and our fellow man. Ted Cruz is a pro-socialist, right! That’s why he wants to “carpet-bomb.” That’s why Christians want o make poor women have a baby a year but won’t bother to adopt them. That’s why the Crusades happened. That’s why Christians and Muslims spread such anti-homosexual horror within their communities and families. That’s why the churches have protected their pedophiles – because of pro-socialism.

Somehow, I think the second part of this research confabulation will resist replication. Empathy, the next big study will reveal, is decidedly not religiously owned.

The first part, though – who can argue with those magneto screens, where nothing pops up whatsoever  for faith, but its a neuronal fireworks in every atheist’s cranium.



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