ScienceDaily Can be Fun Social Nihilist Site, Also

There is no monopoly on the truth here at Fun Social Nihilism. While the prevailing scientific understanding of the human predicamento is that we are screwed twenty ways to Sunday, few scientists are willing to harp on that truth. The ones that do end up churlish, often excessively bearded, and contemptuous of those who dare to argue with them and their comments section protector-acolytes.

For some unknown reason, since the whole site is offered  Completely Free and without evident corporate sponsorship, though it must be making some kind of money through its “partnerships,” ScienceDaily offers succinct, harrowing breakdowns of the latest in Big-Time Science that will confirm humankind’s status as yeast in a vat, choking on its own waste products as it over-produces and over-populates on its way to a catastrophic crash.  This is how the faddish craze of biomimicry in design science reaches its ironic apotheosis: yeast in a vat, humans on the formerly blue orb, life imitating life, death imitating death. We humans are but yeast writ larger.

The single celled yeast and multiple celled humans share many genes despite the billions of years of evolution after separation… Hundreds of genes from a common ancestor live on nearly unchanged in both, say biologists at The University of Texas at Austin who engineered yeast containing human genes.

Then comes the another academic scientist from a Bible Belt U.  “sounding the alarm” about anthropogenic climate catastrophe, noting that there is no way, not even close , to posit humanity altering its energy course to reach the Shangri-La of the IPCC’s 1.5 degree goal. The loud alarms having been going off for over two decades now, and yet every available metric shows a studied, power-driven expansion of the extraction, production, and dissemination of every last form of fossil fuel. This is pure social nihilism – not throwing bombs, not throwing newspaper boxes into the streets, but using our only methods for establishing truth, whatever dark knowledge of human-caused human suffering accompanies that investigation. Why throw a bomb, why give up the unearned advantages that your accidental birth accrued, if human life is but an entanglement in ineluctable entropy?

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