What Have “We” Done, Pastor Hedges?

Guilt-tripper-in-chief of the anhedonic left, Pastor Chris Hedges, sermonizes from his aerie:

We are all Islamic State.

Not to be outdone, “we” were also alive before our birth, and also must answer for all “we” that happened in US and A throughout:

Who are we to condemn the indiscriminate murder of civilians? Have we forgotten our bombing of German and Japanese cities in World War II that left 800,000 civilian women, children and men dead?

Yeah, plus there’s more “we” did, though alive and button-pushing “we ” were not.

We perfected the technique of aerial mass murder and wholesale destruction that we call “carpet bombing,” “saturation bombing,” “area bombing,” “obliteration bombing,” “mass bombing” or, in its latest version, “shock and awe.” We created, through our national wealth, the managerial systems and technology that the sociologist James William Gibson calls “technowar.”

Technically, in the real and physical sense, “we” all are not Islamic State. “We” are individual protoplasmic organisms, and unless those in power are us, and are we, then it is marvelous guilt-tripping to associate an act we had absolutely no control over with our singular status as upright bipedal synapse-firing chimps.

Humans seem to specialize in imputing guilt towards easily-duped folk for all types, eras, epochs, families, and loved ones that acted without consultation or hovering control form any one of “us,” and so the churches and mosques and the theistic monotheism that Pastor Chris Hedges specializes in grab the customers in with insincere allegations of “sin” and collective badness, and then extract money and moral allegiance with always unredeemable coupons for assuaging that bizarre collective, theoretical assignation of time-traveling responsibility.

There must  be some awful behavior in my immediate ancestral tree, and for these long-dead mounds of dust  I must sincerely apologize before the Great Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the Sky. I’m sorry, so sorry, that my great-great grandfather stole those potatoes. The hell with my grand-uncle twice removed, on my mother’s side. Sons, fathers, sisters, mothers, aunts, uncles, they all live or lived life without much sensory or intellectual input from myself, so whatever crimes they commit or committed, or JFK murderer Allen Dulles committed, or any of the real legacies of oppression and genocide and epic bad behavior that anyone wants to perpetrate on this graceless social world – that’s them. Our actions and spheres of influence are bounded by our highly constrained social reality, so we can leave the Guilt-Tripper to impute all sorts of wild, projecting notions of evil, devious killing by  others to his flock and himself, but the world gets nothing from their flights of Christianized wallowing. Let’s eat!


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