Two Numbers That Need Tracking

First Number: The total amount of medical outlays on the playing employees of the National Football League. This covers the amount of illegal steroid, painkiller, illegal medical enhancement and intervention, concussion symptom-masking, and all other technological medical end of the supply currently dispensed so that today’s poor survivors  of the bantustans and hungry-child ghettos can, after sufficient “education,” sacrifice their later-year physical and mental selves so that American non-combatants and suburban desk warriors can fulfill their competitive enmities. Also, the outlays must incorporate the constant, extremely expensive, dangerous, and high cost surgeries that highly-trained, Ivy-educated  medical doctors perform at a furious clip, every other month on some players, in order to keep these high-priced slaves on the field, competing at their peak levels, while poor Americans die at a societally  acceptable rate  from forsworn medicine, forsworn surgeries, forsworn preventative care.

What’s the number, head criminal-in-chief Roger Goodell? Any estimate for enormous waste of science, technology, life, and purpose, and team “chaplains”?  Many, many doctors’ McMansions are paid for by the diversion of the Hippocratian imperative into the monster conspiracy to fatten and shoot up poor male youth for eventual damage to provide the adrenalized amusement of a non-war participating war culture so desperately needs, Thursday through Sunday.

The second number? Why, the damn military budget, official, unofficial, off-the-books, and laundered.  Bigger number, in the trillions no doubt, but same effect, same waste, same horror. Let’s know the real numbers, in both cases. That’s what “Democracy” is all about, right?


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