Nihilism in WordPress – Least-Followed Tag?

Fun Social Nihilism is a zero-sum site, and there really is not much else nihilismbrewing on the worldwide WordPress peoples’ expressions site. One arena that has appropriated the nihilist banner is the anarchist milieu, which can be found  gathers around dumpster fires to plot the next round of newspaper boxes to be thrown into the street. (This is an inside joke – check the lively comments sections at for the derivation of this glorious snark).

Anarchists are seriously using this self-description and investigating this worthwhile philosophy, but aside from those stren newspaper boxes and the amazing wonderdrama  of Rojava, there is no one publicly identified with the nihilist label. No oen on CNN, no one in the corporate-funded ivory tower, no one prominent in Greens Big or Little, and no one even slightly above the self-publishing arm of Bezos’ sinister empire for the unpublishable (present company highlighted as a Createspace nobody).

One figure is somewhat of a nihilist-identified thinker/writer, Aragorn, the publisher of Little Black Cart, an anarchist book publisher. In trying to define nihilism, he states, correctly, that

We understand that past formulations are out of date. We lack for new ones.

Then, he amps it up after some non-useful history of Russian nihilism.

Formal negation is likely the most widely held political nihilist position. It is the practice of not submitting to the aggression of the dominant order by avoiding it. The sentiment that one does not attend political protests because they do not enjoy the presence of the police or do not vote because every choice on a ballot is shit are examples of this position.

That’s fine  enough – though “avoiding” the dominant order is impossible. We can be opposed to it, we can try to reject its principles and its strictures, but we will never avoid it.  Then, however, after some mish-mash in his very small-m manifesto, Aragorn mounts the stage of History  with a defined, original plan to subvert and conquer.

The simple answer is that we have to be patient. We have to have an engaged patience that is incomprehensible to the lethargy of the revolutionary left. Our role should not be to lay in wait for some mark to come stumbling along because that is never going to happen. Instead we must have total engagement in the social and political processes around us. Nothing should escape our attention. This could look like, and is not limited to, attending church (especially politically active churches), going to shareholder meetings, attending city council, toasters, Elks lodges, civic organizations and even leftist meetings.

That’s abut every place where a nihilist is not, and will not, be. No churches, no Elks lodges. “Things” that are rotten, hopeless, and stupid should escape our attention, and be accessed via the wordpress server farms. Shareholder meetings are no fun whatsoever, and will never be. Our engagements as humans will always be limited, instinctual, resistant to endless discussion about their trivial complications, and necessary. Social nihilism means to be against one person’s unheroic efforts to hog the mike, and to enjoy the negation of specious philosphizing without rejoinder. Who will get there first to claim ownership of nihilism – wordpress, Anarhcists, or some new force, somewhere over the virtual horizon?




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