Don’t You Believe in a Higher Power?

Evidently we are all alone here, on this doomed blue orb, reportedly spinning fast, in this immensity of time . Our lives fated to be around 90 total  if we play our biological cards right, as opposed to the millions of years of mammalian forebears, the billions of years of this fortuitous lonely lifeless planet before this advent of life.

The universe itself  is quite big, to the tune of billions of miles of rock-strewn void, not one of  which is possible to be conceived of in its proper relationship to our gravity-constrained social circling around familiar patterns. Rather than feel “awe,” which is gimcrack intellectualism that pays no bills, solves no interpersonal problems, and will not outlast our sufferings, we humans can rightly acknowledge that time, space, life, and death, social failure and communication breakdowns are indeed the fabled “higher powers” that jackleg religionists think is wholly owned and appropriated only by them. We are small and relentlessly inconsequential, except to ourselves and the wonderful fellow humans that share our social needs – does that qualify as the proper “higher power” humility that the faith delusionists and their accommodationist atheist apologists want to extract form us “smug” atheists?

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