Giant Corporate/Government Hoax Revealed

The social world is not made of endless, convoluted, variegated meanings as arch-stylist Mark Leyner posits in Gone with the Mind, wherein there are Borscht Belt mood-flatteners  on r-sibilant diners and a psychic’s seemingly rational  divinations and dopey “craquleure” sightings of humans forms embedded in toilet stall tile. These are purist absurdism, not sufficiently plausible or suggestive enough to qualify as material that should have survived the editor’s cut. Absurdist realism needs a backdrop of actual social reality to make genuine comedic, parody, or sociological art.

Give me the mic – here is how it is done, folks. Did you realize that, right in front of your nictitating eyes, the giant corporate/governmental/think tank known as the supersystem has been engaged in a very CIA/1950’s like diabolical plot to mesmerize the overloaded consumer with a fake website for its sinister thought/action control manipulations?, which has had hundreds of ads, late-night, on ESPN and other sports channels, simply DOES NOT EXIST. There is no The stupid, cheezy, Dr. Stever-Brule-level early 90’s graphics, and the low-rent Marcia Brady spokes-teenbait are intentionally moronic, as if out of  of the earliest days of UHF-TV ads and Commodore-era computer sophistication. Nobody has ever bought a single thing from fucking, as should be evident from thinking about how lowest-grade dumb the website’s name is. There are no trucks in your neighborhood. There is not a single package that has ever been witnessed moldering atop a city sewer grate. No one, and that means absolutely no one, spends  hours of time bidding on obvious fake plastic crap in order  to get it at 7 dollars

Why has the supersystem’s most devious, Ivy-league-educated corporate manipulators persisted in parading this fake TV add for a fake, non-existent website?   For simple reasons, people. To see how much we would take in the way of corporate manipulation of social reality before we are motivated to react, to rebel, to  point to the overlord’s fraud. is the Emperor’s New Clothes trial for our over-shopped, over-surveilled, politically-dead age.  Only we here at FSN, Fun Social Nihilism, have dared to call out the perfidy of this enormously succesful prank.

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