All of us, as adults, participate in giant, loathsome, ill-fitting institutions as part of the daily schedule set forth by our inheritance as social bipedal apes. These are not designed nor are they are governed – these enforcements of human control and domination are evolution’s contribution to our marvelous predicament. Whether of work, or of the economic system, or of the modernity late-stage fraud of credential mill education, or of the preposterous inequality-delivery arrangement known as the legal system, or any of 15 hugely-scaled institutional other behemoths,  our life experiences are fated to be ground into the pulphood of chemical nothingness by the supersystemic denial of human purpose.

Our aspirations are not to this trapped-yet-aware existence. Our brains have concocted fine baths of hormonal pleasure from any number of interactions with our fellow human apes. The unmasking of the layers of codified bullshit that have gone into constructing the neoliberal consensus should give us a variant of this whole-brain satisfaction. However, ultra-grade morons populate the highest positions of political, legal, and academic power in this benighted pathetic supersystem, currently featuring illegitimate, ignorance-based sources of rule for  these climate science-denying, religious-claptrap believing, miseducated sahibs and solons of the putrefying colossus.

Professors falsely advertise that they, and their captive students, can study their way through the classics to a reversal of the supersystem. Political liberals, like Bernie Sanders, falsely advertise that they can shake their fists and a new world order will emerge – minus any specifics, like how transantional corporations give up an inch of their stolen and acquired territory of hegemony. . Political conservatives, like Trump and the Clintons and the lower amphibian life-form known as Cruz, , falsely assert that they can bomb and imprison and punish the poor on the way back to Leave it to Beaver.  Anarchists, of the 347 different stripes that currently invade its name, falsely chant that a People’s Revolution is a’bornin’, mainly through puppetry and server farm typing. Only social nihilism, of the FSN variety, backs up its knowledge with a solemn pledge  – to right every wrong, ever created, through humanity’s misrule of itself. Yep, starting Monday. Maybe.

To right every wrong, ever created, through humanity’s misrule of itself.


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