Just as we as humans tend to inflict a greater amount of damage upon those closest to us, so this site must condemn other forms of nihilism – including the nihilism of non-response, which is about where the entire world stands vis-vis Fun Social Nihilism. That’s the sound of the universe, my friends  – it’s a void out there, eons and dimensions  of lost spacetime, so  that should be the response to  vainglorious typing – cosmic indifference, spiced with hilarious rejections and gratifying nothingness. What else is the immensity of space for, but to repeat back our ridiculous estrangement in staccato bursts of   zero-gravity, studied indifference, rational silence.

This is not, however, and embrace of sad-sack nihilism. This is to social nihilism what Stalinism was to socialism – a dispiriting distortion of its fundamental principles. All of us upright humans have some version of complaint and intra-psychic horror. Prisoners with 25-life do. Louis CK, a burly role-playing comic, does, and his version of sad-sack nihilism is doing quite well. All of us have long-standing grievances, unshakable injustices that bedevil the day’s sense of improvement. There’s stupidity aplenty, right outside your door, 24-7, lit up and parading its malevolent ignorance for lesser brightlings to follow.

There’s also the competing world of genuine, somehow established fun and beauty.  Eagle nests, the snap of spring in pre-climate catastrophe natural splendor. Loud music and gorgeous life partners. Plentiful craft of popular cultural rebellion. So sad-sackers surely deserve sympathy, but each one has a life coach standing with a megaphone outside their door. If so much social entropy is going to happen despite any of our individual reformist enterprises, we humans will alter our beams away from the folkish realms of social betterment, and towards some other cause.  We’ll all find some illusory goal to fixate our capacious minds upon, as is our biological inheritance, as is the case for our mammalian cousins.

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