Free Content – Always and Forever Free

There is this hunger for content out there – always, that promise of new and different, eliciting that slavering for a new experience of life, that old devil of dashed expectations and habitual temptations. Here at Fun Social Nihilism, we ahve provided this world of social zealots with such fresh, undiluted, compact, and exceptionally devastating social commentary, or as the Brits say, commentree,” there is, literally, literally and figuratively, or literally with a soupcon of figuratively to boot, nothing  left to write about. We’ve said it all, in such unusual and completely original ways, that the rest of the world, those three or four people across the listing globe who still bother to blog, has got nothing to argue with. It’s all there, and so no one, quite literally no  one, can muster up the courage or the literary acumen to post a comment, even though all the material is, literally and figuratively, this time, both at the same time, free.  We, the editorial board at FSN, sympathize – all you can do is push back your chair in astonished appreciation. Good god, this is the voice of Truth. No longer shall we indulge in chicken-entrail religious claptrap, nor in the milquetoast atheism – because of FSN, you are all anti-theists now. Trust us, we know the feeling of seeing today’s social reality spelled out in such vibrant, accessible, yet penetrating prose poetry, because that is the sound of our brain, 24-7.

Yet there remains the price point question that many thousands have raised. Specifically, how much should FSN be compensated for altering the world’s social consciousness? The financial side of FSN has proposed billing each of the 189 viewers of FSN, over 199 posts, a standard, non-negotiable retroactive fee of $10,000 for each gaze upon this site. They are in the process of setting a billing system, but there might be a few glitches along the way, but it’s really a minor amount for the true wealth of highfalutin info you freeloaders got here. Check out Steven Witt’s How Music Got Free to see the other side of the free coin, where a massive, world-wide conspiracy to steal  music, movie, book, pornography, and everything else was fashioned in a completely immoral roundelay of routinized robbery. We here at FSN know when humanity has revealed its true intentions, and that is to get everything as cheaply, preferably free, as it can, and give as little, preferably nothing, to its creators of entertainment, social commentree, intellectual edification, and pornography.  So we want our money, dammit. Okay, maybe not $10,000, A book should be $10. A CD (although it is a dead form) should be about $8.  Blog-reading? Free, always and forever. Ads- should never exist. Feel free to completely ignore any and every ad that gets pasted here. But remember to buy an FSN mug. The price? You guessed it: $10 thou. A steal.


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