Never Ending Hopeismo From the Prolix Herr Professor Giroux

Since the 60s, the public declaration of “Struggle” by the micro-left in the US has been a faithful version of one template, and one template only.. Scenes A and B are miserable, horrific, evil, presaging Bad Times, but there are Struggles A1 and B1 that give us all all beautiful, happy-times hope and change-visions, and can I keep getting my checks?

Parson Hedges-Weems is a particular dour, humorless anhedonic monk authoring a weekly version of this holy template at Truthdiggers, but the high priest of the psychic breakdown is now being matched word for word, template for template by Herr Professor Henry Giroux, whose latest pablum starts out with the standard hand-wringing:

Their nightmarish reign of misery, violence, and disposability is also evident in their dominance of a formative culture and its attendant cultural apparatuses that produce a vast machinery of manufactured consent.

You tell ’em, prof! So how can you continue to teach the young ‘uns when this is the case – that is, Herr Professor, how can you continue to receive the handsome paychecks form Canada U. when the situation is this dire? Well, fear not, o tremulous reader-nihilists. By the end, and this is asking a lot of the preposition “by,” because there must be about two thousands words, including two baker’s dozens citations of the neo-folkish word “pedagogy,” the Herr Rad Prof is seeing htat New Dawn, that Better World, and it’s right here folks, right now!

The strong winds of resistance are in the air, rattling established interests, forcing liberals to recognize their complicity with established power, and giving new life the meaning of what it means to fight for a democratic social order in which equity and justice prevail for everyone.

Everyone? Yeah, for everyone, for everyman, for every last participant member of the New World. Those strong winds? Actually, those winds are the whooshing sounds of   whole forests of trees being felled to perpetuate the the criminal academic-industrial colossus. The word “pedagogy” means, in social reality, the production of endless, useless paperwork. All teachers, and all professors, know as their No., 1 trade secret, what percentage of their working cogitations are engaged in the unactive, morose production/dissemination/relaying of useless, endless paperwork. The supersystem is on full alert, consolidating its power to effect social injustice, as can be seen with one drive toady from the nearest US bantustan, where Sirius/XM’s Soul channel, the Sound of Mass Incarceration, can be listened to as the images of neoliberalism’s black and brown victims pass by.  No, look, social nihilist, there’s hope a’borning, according to the lesson-plan rad prof:

All across the country, there are signs of hope. Young people are protesting against student debt; environmentalists are aggressively fighting corporate interests; the Chicago Teachers Union is waging a brave fight against oppressive neoliberal modes of governance; Black youth are bravely resisting and exposing state violence in all of its forms; prison abolitionists are making their voices heard.

The sounds of hopey-changey, so soon after the Obama Con?  Young people may be “protesting,” but the debt stands at over a trillion, latest we checked, prof. The environmentalists are about as “aggressive” as my dear Aunt Sally, prof. That tanker ship of Happy Meal toys has sailed, prof. The Teachers Unions are nobody’s idea of unionism, being essentially testing proctors now. And still with the “voices being heard” trope? It’s always a voice being heard, yerah, man, truth to power, but the voices are predominately in prison, where they are slaves.  So what was that about hope, again?

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