Non-stop Folkish Hope from Ms. Solnit

As the world moves forward with its institutions inhabiting their well-worn psychic breakdown specialties, the idea of “communication” becomes more absurd – the same Names speak the same claptrap, especially on the side of what passes for “opposition,” the anhedonic micro-left staffed by Messers Parson Hedges, St Ralph – (endorsing Kasich, was he? Sounds about right for the Princetonian scourge of modern culture), Parson McKibben, and lest we forget the distaff side,  Rebecca Solnit, of the famed Solnit fam, of the countless books and essays and writerly speeches.

for Ms. Solnit, product of many, many classes and schools and programs,  the glorious social rev is just about ready to make this one happy place, but soon. Oh, did she love that Occupado “movement,” and she’ll ride that baby down the homestretch of the American imperium. She is given the lead chair in the latest Harper’s to finger-wag against her latest scourge, social nihilism, which  she bizarrely  brands “naive cynicism.”

Sparing the world the details, let’s boil down the wordpressian notice to highlight that it  seems some of the comment-section invective against her, a few strands of which emanated from the prior incarnation of Fun Social Nihilism, got her goat. “Naive cynics”are to blame for all the ills of the world, according to Madame Solnit, not the gangsters of corporate predation, not the modern genocidaires of Syria, not the dumbass militarists, the hedge fund criminals – no, its the “naive cynics” that really are the evil core of this world that she so achingly wants to redeem ”

They recruit through brutality.

Has Fun Social Nihilism “recruited through brutality, the way, say, the Syrian state has “recruited” through the mass civil war killing, torturing, exterminating in a genuine reenactment of  the (Belgian Congo) (Armenian) (Jewish Holocaust) (insert so many others) state-sponsored mass murder civil warfare  that was supposed to never again be permitted by the united nations of this world, in a on-going horror that is “brutally” exposed in the a recent New Yorker piece that redeems modern corporate journalism? No, we do not. Nor, to be precise in rejoinder, is the Occupado movement somehow responsible for this wave, this upsurge, of Arab Spring leading to Bernie leading to the complete and utter takeover of all lodes and loci of power by sweet, humane wonderfolk.

Correlation is not causation. The economy, even in the ol’ U  S and A, is  in the shitter. The soon-to-be forgotten campaign of Bernie the anti-Billionaire member of Club Senate was tied to its message of discontent with the obvious injustices and social horror of the supersystem, just as was the momentary sleepovers and  happy-talk of Camp Occupado, but these are symptoms of malaise, not threats to the order. Occupado is gone, Bernie will be gone, and yet no one except Ms. Solnit and her type of folkish “optimists” will have deemed them a harbinger of social change, because neither they, nor any other force,  had any social power, any social program for wresting actual social power, nor any actual “leadership” that humans crave in their rodent fever for social ordering. Remember what happened to the Abraham Lincoln brigade – they got slaughtered in war by the ultimately victorious fascists. WE can’t endlessly replay that outcome with Solnittian, Paster Hedgesian, St. Ralphian Yankee Doodle Dandyism – but that’s what sells in the micro-left, now and forever.

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