The joke of this would be that this entire space would be be blank , or alternatively, in a nod to some sort of greater purpose, chock-a-block with digressive, jokey, unrelated ephemera. You know, as well as any human alive does know, that all of us see the world from our own obsessed, indulgent vantage point – hence the proliferation of ceaselessly squawking, ranting, puerile writings, here on the unvarnished, unwashed sailors’ barroom known as wordpress, to the more refined, stale, feted hallowed environs of the literary hustle.

The Fun Social Nihilists’ Guide to the 2016 American Presidential Election. Unavailable for pre-order. Cost: prohibitive. Covers all the issues, from all the necessary angles, then concludes with existentialist despair, concluding that voting is simply wasted on the upright. Yes, but who to vote for in the American 2016 presidential election? We need to know, cry the masses, desperate for the human hope that is going the way of the Studebaker. Sara Wageknecht. The same as in the 2012 American presidential election. Sara Wageknecht – the only politician in the globe worthy of the designation.

The Fun Social Nihilists’ Guide to Recently Dead Rock Stars. Word count: two. “Don’t bother.” Whatever good music came out of this past epoch, wasn’t made by future dead rock stars. Start a few rungs below, and you’ll have to work like hell, but you’ll find a serviceable soundtrack to your momentous, soon-to-be-a-major-motion picture life.  Whichever celebrity died too young, at least there won’t be that frantic searching after cultural relevance that clings to the deified fading eminence.

The Fun Social Nihilists’ Guide to The World’s Major Religions. Status – abandoned, after nary a page finished. Who cares about any of the epic irrationalisms that have infected the body lunatic? Waste on with your bad self, o religious pioneers of the wordpressian sword. There’s a life of fun, humor, and death avoidance out there, if you can escape the cultural propaganda that says, believe in yourself, since you must not believe in the fictive version of yourself that is culturally attached to your individual being. Believe in avoiding advice, of course, but believe in non-belief. What could be more fun?

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