Idiotic Intelligentsia

No intellectual can penetrate to the absolute core rational truth of every relevant social matter before the spinning human world ( except for one pure and righteous outpost known to eternity by the three brandable letters FSN), but with the ubiquity of sheer opinion, the howlers and unattacked horrors of the celeb professoriate/punditry need to be traduced. Camille Paglia, a opiner published hither and yon outside her art world metier, vomits out this “opinion” to a conservative economist blowhard, Tyler “Durden” Cowen:

Yes, instead of these silly little arguments that, “Oh, climate change is causing the end of the world.” Oh my God. Anyone who talks like that does not understand the grandeur and the power of nature. To imagine that we can make a change in it is so absolutely absurd.

Camille Paglia, climate change denier – Good Times! And the seated spectators just lap up this patent hornswoggle, instead of bum-rushing the show and sending this vicious harpie to an assisted living home. Nature, in whatever definition you may choose, is yes, quite large, quite extensive, but climate change is already here, is most seriously causing the sixth great extinction, and is guaranteed to increasingly “change” the nature of Nature right outside your front door.

With the two-person interview format, alleged big-think minds exchange trifles and unamplified snoggles, without the the edifying contest of bare-knuckles admonition and objection. This is not even a slight improvement on the one-person band structure of the book, wherein one bird chirps alone, never to be contradicted by a fellow human. David Silverman, high potentate of American Atheists, writes in his oddly endearing outreach tome Fighting God” that “god” should be capitalized, while “Atheist” should not. These and many other assertions are presented without qualification, as if David Silverman, high potentate of American Atheists, has the one and only inside road to all received and eligible truth.

On that momentous issue, which will decide the fate of the secular west, the official social nihilist position is that it might be so, it might not.  “God” seemed to be a concept that had earned its capitalization, judging by its importance to the masses of deluded adherents, but the lower-casing of the undefinable term has been so much fun to observe. Silverman opines from his throne that “god” is a proper noun, and thus deserves a capitalization, but there’s nothing proper about a word that applies to nothing, in the same way that “phrenolgy” and “haruspicy” are lower-case relics,  nothingisms from the past.

And since the word applies to nothing, it is not even worth using,so it will not used,  here at Fun Social Nihilism.

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