The Problem With “The Problem Withs”

Being on the left side of the dial means being subjected to a daily onslaught of “The Problem With (Insert Leftish Institution)”  from within the micro-left. Usually, the focus of TPWs (The Problems With…) is  upon the left itself, which would be fine if the left hadn’t died out decades ago in America. There is a vestige of this once-vibrant presence of trade-union, working class antiwar intellectalism left, but it has no power whatsoever. The Occupado movement, the Battle for Seattle, the Green Scare, and various other congregations grew out of this left tradition, but they are connected with no social power, have no statewide or national political figures, and have been drummed to the margins in the once-secure redoubt of ivory tower academia. There is no need to pen any TPWs about this dire situation – nothing within the framework of the supersystem is going to advance the stature of true leftism. The  Happy Meal supertankers are in the water as we sit, the bombers are fully supplied, the arms merchants are profit-engorged beyond any rational contemplation, the tax code is in no danger in the least of becoming even nominally progressive.

The Left Forum will meet again in  a few weeks, and lo the hope is abornin’  agin’ in this last gasp of  Sanderisms, drawing forth the usual anhedonic folkish piety about a political revolution just around the next corporate shareholder proxy meeting, but Sanders is more and more a gasbag of accommodationism and aspirational self-veneration. The Tea Party, meanwhile, has a direct connection to the Trump phenomenon, and numerous elected fascist politicians, while all we got is this lousy Burlington, VT  cartoon on a T-Shirt.

TPWs also expound on this or that problem with atheism, from within and without, but this is a more impervious target. Any form of atheism, from strident wordpressian smackdowns to milquetoast church-attending supplication, ends up benefiting this wonderful movement. Various atheist “leaders” have been the subject of voluminous animadversions from within the atheist camp, and there might be some validity to this or that objection, but there are greater fights to be had than whether some Oxford don is not sufficiently tolerant, and atheism is well-positioned to carry on those fights. In a  country  that so recently (the 50s)  suffered an official  bout of intense religious scouring of its basic tenets to advance  idiotic religious hatred of liberal thought, any mass movement away from this enfranchised bias is to welcomed, not endlessly picked apart over its alleged improprieties. There are no problems with atheism or antitheism that can’t be cured with more of what it has got.

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