Social Disgust

There is not going to be “false equivalency”  here at FSN – the left has legacy of being fundamentally correct in many of its opinions, but it has major, glaring, shrieking deficiencies, all on parade on the tape of the 2015 Left Forum plenary shoutfest.  Far-traveling attendees got to hear from one shouter-declaimer visionary after another, including great racial animus towards the white “allies” from a 17 -year old high school student, and a short-winded  tour of the ravaged socio-political scene from elected city council shouter Kshama Sawant, who may or may not be a part of the black community – all this racial antagonisms towards antiracial racists gets mighty confusing.

Although David Silverman tires mightily to abjure his “racial” inheritance as a society-defined “Jew,” in a good piece of writing in his Fighting God, he then blows the entire facade of anti-racialism by singling out Islam as a “barbaric” religion, as if they all are not descended from our common barbarous past, and then types in “mixed-race” children – didn’t he correctly just state that there is no such valid term in social science as “race”? No one is illegal, no one is mixed-race. We are all upright apes, unique blends of molecules and stray DNA and corpuscles and other science-test items, but not one of us is defined by some selective highlighting of this or that ancestor.  So as much as we might want to identify as “left,” against the insane depredations of the all-powerful right, try wading through for what passes for our left, and you’ll run screaming from the room, towards FSN.

But if you go right, you’ll encounter one fascist spectacle after another, capturing more slices of the listing monolithic social institutions that bedevil our world. Chris Gibson, a particularly stupid ex-member of Congress, touted as a potential New York governor despite his paleolithic militarism and vicious anti-human views on abortion and marriage equality, announces that he can’t run for governor because he has been hired by a monumentally expensive “liberal arts” college, Williams College, to be a professor of , yes, George Orwell, “Leadership Studies.” Just what the world of starving infants, dead babies, mutilated bodies of bomb victims, starving and poor men, women, and children across the globe need – more “leadership” from this type.

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