Though the world seems always, forever, stuck in a form of social stasis, the truth is that is not, and that the other truth is that we need to attempt, vainly and forlornly, to change the tenor of the times. Fun social nihilism is the way forward, the way out, the way in, because the micro-left continues its SPECIOUS UPLIFT campaign that its has been its signature losing parade banner since the Paris Revolution become a bloody horror, instead of champignons and sans culottes for the poor and middlers.

There are still available, in diverse places and in great varieties of flimsy cardboard forms, incantations and exhortations and anhedonic triumphalism about, say the Great Peoples’ Revolution;  or Socialism bein favored by a good majority of Americans, not five of whom know what it means, no one of which has any hope of carrying it out; or the Next Great White Liberal Hope (E. Warren, militarist); or Combating Economic Inequality via the tiresome Occupado 1% thematic distortion of class consciousness.

Enough with the constant, stupefying self-satisfaction of Pie-in-the-Sky. If you want to speak that way, and virtuall anybody with a paychech or child or imaginary book contract wants to speak that way, then they must, by law and enoforced regulation, state why they think social nihilism is not the default answer/negation to the Happy Talk they want to distribute to the ground cover and assembled acolytes. Does humanity require this obligatory specious uplift to go on – does it need this constant hymnal of hope and conquer just to breathe in public? Every trend, every sign, every piece of data suggests the opposite of the promised outcome of the snake oil icro-left – idiots are drawn to power, they exercise their power in ways to destroy social betterment, there is no institution that can obliterate the premises of the supersystem.

As humans advance in age, there should be more and more willingness to certify that things damn well didn’t come out the way we hoped, and they’re damn sure not going to in my lifetime. This is simply a statement of social observation, of the undeniable facts that undergird even genuine, wonderful happy times that can come from a charmed life with immense social privilege. All humans stand outside this supersytem, unable to move its immense gears  – and we should be able to say so. All the major social issues stand in bold relief before the common sea of on-lookers, yet few folks are willing to characterize the total situation as beyond designed intervention, and impervious to endless chattering about political or social “paradigm shifting.” A few improvements in social identity protection are not anywhere close to the actual shifting of power and its tributaries, and in the large-scale operations of the power plant, there is the continued ownership by the forces of entropy.

As the times, rumble and fissure, the notion of endless specious uplift will falter and become odious and harmful, and though we humans will seek better times and practice good evasion skills, we will not tolerate folkish specious uplift, in the same way that we do not hear much phrenology or haruspicy anymore. Nor is astrology all that fashionable in polite company, and in a few societies, religion is getting the bum’s rush, as it deserves.

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