How many more photos to go?

The ubiquity of photo-sharing on whatever social media is called these days means that the social world is going to set a world record for the amount of electrons dedicated to the production of instantly forgettable depictions of the physical world. Kittens, dogs, kids, streets, rain, clouds, dirt, cars, trees, parents, grandparents, parades, sporting events, and every other form of readily seen features of this bounteous world has been clicked, sent, to the tune of 10 to the 14th power of single shot images.

Yes, there are some nice ones, and yes, the tantalizing visions of heretofore covered-up delectations of intimate genitalia do add to the charm of living amidst Rust Belt decay and over-determined tax codes, but the colossal expenditure of plastic, fossil fuel server farm climate-destroying  power production, and social obsession over having others appreciate the majesty of each and every facet of your individual life frame, becomes a sad commentary on the relative paucity of truth swapping via the printed word. How many more photos shared via the complexity of the connected phone lines does humanity have to go before the lights go out on this particularly narrow-focus communal enchantment?

Oh, you’ve got a photo to show us? How can we, as the dulled audience of intended hosanna-shouting non-participants, evince sufficient appreciation for the glory of the presented objets d’art? It looks nice. Thanks. Now, if you don’t mind us, we’re going to return to the animate world of 3-D living and breathing matter and animals.

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