Against all Grains

The social world guarantees us nothing, so we really have no grand complaint to make as the purveyors of Fun Social Nihilism that there is so little in the way of contemporary embrace of our core and commanding tenets. Americans, in particular, are committed anti-nihilists, believers in every manner of traditional and non-traditional claptrap, as is explained in this article in AlterNet by Kari Holloway with a wonderful title:

Take a simple statement of unquestionable fact, a statement that chipmunks and comatose insects would fully understand and assent to: Success in life is determined by forces outside our control.  This is sociology at the kindergarten level : of course there are large, impersonal forces of birth; class; economic fluctuation;  fortunate circumstances; fortunate, nearly-blind “choices” in environments rich with profligate privilege and opportunity. The Pew Research survey found that 57% of Americans, indoctrinated by the religious individualism of a fading empire, disagreed with this self-evident assertion.

These are the people we are surrounded by, whom we must work with, who operate the levers and gears of this monstrous state. And these are the folks democracy looks to for native “wisdom”? They operate without reflection upon the inanity and superflousness of their most cherished assumptions, buffeted by a corporatized  educational system  and obscenely wealthy megachurches who steal tax dollars with more impunity than any drug cartel.  The advantages of power have accrued to them and their corrupt handlers, so that there is no fertile land left in the American intellectual landscape. We at FSN live in opposition, even to the supposed “opposition,” the anhedonic folkish left, who conveniently leave out during their purity ring ceremonies that they themselves arrived fresh from checking their 401(k) portfolios, rich with Exxon-Mobil stock. Or that they proudly hang their Ivy diploma, stained with the brutal rule of globalized corporate power. Or that their kids are being browbeaten into attending institutional anti-woman, anti-humane Catholic indoctrination seminars. There is death and murder attached to our jobs, there is no hope of overturning the forces that are killing the rights of humanity for social justice, but we have all known this, and must learn to adjust our self-condemnations to a manageable low-level vibration while we endeavor to find a tolerable position, somewhere on the periphery.


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