Once Again, No American Political Commentary on FSN

In honor of the ancient Vedic mystics and their heroic vows of silence and self-mortification, Fun Social Nihilism has published no (0) posts, essays, Twitter koans, Facebook blatherskitings, or wordpressian smackdowns of the erumpent Trump-Clinton agonistes.

Why not? Why not send great, history-making curlicues of hostile smoke up into the ether, a la the Peoples’  Revolutionists, or the hot polito-comics of the lesser satellites, or the concerned teachers and parents, or the employed journalists  of our  American raj? Because the scene is spent, it’s toast, none should dishonor the practice of intellectual effort of informed socio-political thought by wasting it on Adolf Trump and the on-going neoliberal Ninja Turtles regime of the Arkansas strivers.  Just as no one is just a little racist, this is not just a little pathetic – this is sheer, all-out, every-corner infected parade of blatant and monolithic stupidity, and it cannot be unraveled.

No Sanders crony on the Democratic platform committee is going to call for the takeover of hedge-fund criminal lairs and hideouts to fiance the mas imprisonment of anti-abortion morons. No words  can suffice to encapsulate the horrific con of the hopey-change Diversity bomber of the last eight years. There is no expose that is going to right this superystemic cataclysm, and scanning the corporate wolf Blitzer feed news for evidence of the latest Trumpian id shocker is not going to brighten your prospect for a better day.

Americans have been though this kind of mindless, Liberty University panjundrum collection before, during the know-nothing era of Alzheimer Reagan, and the noxious capitulations of the Bill Clintonian  triangualtion and strangulation of the remains of the formerly working class. There is not  the slightest ethical honor in pretending this kind of aberrant, hopeless murder parade and visitation of suffering upon the poor and the foreign deserves rational contemplation. Watch a  steroid-and-concussion ballgame instead, and enjoy the view.

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