Working Slogan for FSN

As part of its million-dollar campaign to establish a new intellectual order in the known universe, Fun Social Nihilism is putting up billboards in select urban thoughtcenters that contain a three-word slogan:

First, Do No.

This, of course, removes the insipid, anodyne, wholly illegal term “harm” that doctor-greedheads use to justify their sacrosanct place as “healers” while they bill the next twenty-thousand dollar angioplasty.  Hippocrates, the Greek pot-smoker who first came up with the bumper sticker phrase of “First, Do No Harm” would have been appalled to see Republican racist-doctors  invoking his hippie-o-cratie  slogan while five-putting the green in between overbillings.

For FSN, “First, Do No” encapsulates the conundrum of social action contending with social dissolution – and veers off into ridiculous slacker bonehead nothingism.  Of course we will “do,” we will do this or that, we will write vituperative posts against idiotic goddists and Adolf Trump fans, but these “Do’s” are minor irruptions in the space-time fabric, not instructive reforms of latent supersystemic decay. Doctors specialized in killing patients while under the “First, Do Harm” ethic for hundreds of years, so what could be better than counseling other covert human lunatics against the efficacy of illusion-driven practice?  Do not drop a bomb. Do not give advice. Do not start an apologetics blog. Do not thinking voting will “matter.” Do not fall for pie-in-the-sky. See how easy and delicious the slogan is?

Do not listen to the jejune words of David Fos-W at the Kenyon commencement. Do not get down with your bad self. If you are against this kind of Do No, then propose an alternative course of action, defend its rationalism, utility, and kind approach to animals, and join the human race on its amphibious march and then swim to wonderful oblivion.



  1. If the medical profession didn’t work for profit, like in countries with socialised medicine, does this still stand?

    Besides, look at the futility of opposing views, like “first, do harm” or “first, cause no pleasure”. Neither of those are as appealing as “first, do not drop a bomb”.

    I’m a nihilist myself ( But I don’t think shuts down a conversation.

    1. Yes, you’ve got a fine blog.
      “First, do no harm” is as dumb a slogan as there can be. We do harm as humans every minute, unintentionally, mindlessly, but “harm” nonetheless to the dead animals, the hopes of intimate others,. to the beings that get crushed for our food, our journeys for work, or for our endless capacity to find ways to prosper at others’ expense.
      Doctors in a single-payer system can do enormous good, but in doing whatever they can, they fail to do far, far more, and that is a form of “harm.”
      Thanks for dropping by – nihilism is a fine philosophy that needs its worthy exponents such as yourself. Have fun.

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