Reason Rally 2016

The verdict is in: the Reason Rally 2016 was an “epic fail” – of course this the mildest of judgments from the incredible “live chat” feature of the live-streaming of the 2016 Reason Rally 2016. The “live chat” feature of the youtube channel hosting the live-streaming has now vanished, but it was a work of art – pestilent, keyboard-nazi (KBN’s) scumverm, but a low, outrageous form of fascist art nonetheless.

The rally was dismal in tone, structure, and bandwidth execution, a kind of Cringe Festival of earnest strivers (all rights, SJW’s in the meme-worthy term of the odious parents’-basement KBNs), setting New Atheism in the pantheon of momentum-lost flavors of the month, but at least we anti-theists got to play punching bag for a day, whereas it is the lunatic morons of the chicken-entrail crowd that usually get the righteous what-fors from the smart set.

The invective against the Rally Reasoners was monumental, corralling every loose cannon from the Adolf Trump side without any viable social outing on a Saturday to spew bile upon the poor saps. A fairly rad hairstyle from the woman emcee was pounced upon by the gamergate virgins and anti-PC bearded fatsos (BFs). The less-than-overwhelming size of the crowd was highlighted by the KBNs, the varying political affiliations of the lecternists noticed, the accommodationist wing of atheism-lite exposed, including the Christian head of the falsely-advertised Secular Coalition of America. Yes, there was mucho racial and sexual epitheting performed, a basic human service of the anonymous ‘Net for the destruction of human kindness , but some of the jibes were on-target.

Humans divide themselves into in-groups and out-groups, and are wonderfully proficient in manufacturing intense, abiding hatred of the out-group. This does not make our side that much different – we can easily wish death and suffering on our antagonists, the anti-abortionists, the KBNs, the moronic followers of Adolf Trump, the goons and the hedge-fund criminals alike. Now, with wordpressian ease, the social world of human interaction can feature withering wars between the arbitrarily-decided ins and outs, but all of us will have real-life friends,  acquaintances, and in-laws who  fall, by virtue of their hazy identity-choices, into the out-group. How do we reconcile our wordpressian animadversions against our out-groups with these living, breathing exemplars of our chosen bete noirs? You, too, may be a keyboard nazi or a bearded fatso, a KBN or a BF.  What do we say to you at the BBQ?


  1. Since you complained about one of my posts being irrational ranting, I thought I’d check out your blog. I bow to the Master Ranter. You’ve got me beat. As for rational, I’m afraid you are so rational I can hardly follow your train of thought but I see we do agree on one thing: Trump is cut from the same mold as Hitler. Oh, and we seem to agree that you’ve got a gorgeous dog. Mike at

    1. Now that’s what the kids call a mic-drop! Well done. We’re in two different camps, that’s for sure, but as I said, we are all in-group and out-group thinkers, so here’s to human decency and love of pretty dogs (Brazil would have lapped up such praise). Thanks, padre.

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