Who is Listening To Your Complaints, Amigo?

Contemporary humans are living through the efflorescence of the Information Age, with printed and visual media providing anyone with access to an unfolding  daily universe of cascading topics and bits of intellectual ephemera. The proper resposne to this point is to click away, to look instead at picture of casts or flowers, to flow a quiescent brain into some pop fan club or some marketed presentation of frivolous japery.

The other dominant cultural response is to complain, with great huffing and effect, against some higher-ups” malefaction. How stupid, the people say, over and over, how senseless, how evil, how preposterous and yet symptomatic of greater onrushing social ills this happenstance of an event is. higher gas prices, the shiftlessness of the young, corrupt politicians, misbehaving celebrities, the latest and greatest object of outsider scorn or insider dander. Great, you’ve got a point, how terrible the interlocuter might respond, but he eternal rejoinder is, instead, you realize that there is no one in charge listening to you? Do you understand that there is no department of correcting any and all of society’s ills out there? 

There is most definitely no god or gods to right each and every or even one of the litany of informed problem areas cited by the average complaining upright ape, so instead the world will suffer a dismal, horrific, dishonorable social reality  of lying, pestilent frauds  like Pope Francis, with his evil denunciation of the necessary and beneficial social right of abortion, his stewardship of a vast cult of money laundering,  the endemic anti-humane preachings of his flock, plus his bizarre, creepy abhorrence of sex, and all the false notes of impoverished piety Bonfiglio dispenses to the always-gullible western liberals. Notice that pedophilia is not the ultimate charge to be laid against this high-hatted abettor: that road of crime and oppression is so well-marked that it needs no emphasis, and it is true that pedophilia is not confined to the Catholic Church, though they are now marketed side-by-side.

These views are concocted in the FSN  lab, with, yes, anger, a genuine and remarkably potent human gift. All of us are capable of this wonderful propensity to adjust the universe to a more salubrious form, a world in our best imaginings, but, as social nihilism understands, this will not occur for any us. The dominant social reality peopled by deluded monstrosities will continue.

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