Why Bait Believers?

The internet phenomenon of engaging irrationalists in word-baited animosity has a long and varied history – and surely has had its social effects. The main stage may be the Facebook/Twitter hellholes, along with various other blogging/photo-gawking instant zoos and timekillers.

WordPress is not on of the top ones, which is just fine – humans are built for action, to engage in physical and constructive pursuits, not for jibber-jabbering with all the attendant miscues and misfires that Dr. Steve Brule has brought to the forefront of the world’s consciousness with his piquant sociological commentaries on Channel 5’s “Check it Out!”

WordPress, though, has no filter, so the “atheist” tag is owned as much by appalling, upright “believer” apes as by the historically marginalized atheist critics. Wow, what a sideshow of self-possessed insanity gets distributed by these Christian, Muslim and Jewish apologists, ever-ready to proclaim their fevered adherence to chicken-entrail reading and various other projections of considered stupidities.

Only they are listening, somewhat, in their fully-delineated, virus-inhabited minds, and project their anxiety at being called out, finally, by a few atheists as “stupid,” “moronic,” “idiotic.” These epithets hurt these social animals, so they incorporate these admittedly hateful terms upon their accusers, fastening upon the weaknesses of this or that prominent anti-theist to mock a movement based upon nothing so much as “Reason,” whatever that is. All of us, even “rationality”-based public atheists, have unconscious, emotion-laden drivers of thought and opinion, which is why public discussion and interaction is so tedious and unrewarding.  Americans, and not just men, can be heard spouting off on every manner of personal privilege and bias in restaurants, in family gatherings and workplace diatribes, so who would want to engage in more dismal, humanity-condemning practices on-line? You are not going to win over the practicioners of boring, unreflective personal idea-mongering with fully informed prosecutions of their lies and dumb formulations, so why try?

A small case could be made for the social benefits of ridicule – “God” infected malingers do come off their show ponies when subject to open, strong mockery, but then they block the comment, or try to find some illusory “middle ground” that will gain them support, in their mostly immovable minds, for Godding it up with specious casuistry. There is no middle ground – believers can go their own way to eternal futility, but still we have a listing, misperforming supersystem guarantees more guns, searing heat, and unheedings birds on a wire.

Finding something better to do than adding to the cacophony is imperative, but it’s in our transhumanized genes now – to descend into the chaos of social media and trill out a few bars. For the people, for us, for love and laughter, and against all varieties of class-based corruption!

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