Religion and the Invention of Replacement Fathers

OK – title says it all, mic drop. Thanks for coming!

As an individo-American, I have one father. That’s it, and that’s all it’s ever going to be. I’ve got one mother. AS much as whatever relationship I have with them is not the acme of familial subservience -thanks for asking – it has never occurred to me that they are not the one-father/one mother dyad  each nuclear-sized individo-American is promised by evolutionary fiat.

That’s it – no other fathers for me, no other mothers. If there’s another step-person involved, neither that person, nor any other, takes the place of, is a substitute for, gets the honorific of, or serves to occupy the mythos of , said biological father-mother, even if that  sacramentalized union that begat the FSN progenitor blew up and died long, long ago.

Why, then, if this is so easy to postulate, is the fetid swamp-air of monotheistic and even pantheistic religion so neurotically abounding in deified parental references – “god the FAther” this, O heavenly merciful father that, the mother Earth Mother Goddess, Father Reverend child predator, metaphors and actual intellectual replacement of fathering and mothering by these false, invented parental substitutes from deistic longing. From what abyss of psychic horror does this parental-role cancellation by invented paternalistic or maternalistic deity stem from? The parents I have, those are the ones I’ll have. Dead or alive, beneficent or churlish, all-hovering or barely there, the parent or parents in the flesh have that role all to themselves.

If there are problems with the inherited model of chromosome-dispensing parents, for you, the seeker of better benevolent mentors,  then find a social identity that is not so focused on parents  as givers-of-all, but, above all,  do not go the preposterous route and see in the sky some better, more capable, Daddy or Mommy ready to rectify the known world more to your liking. Metaphors do not need to be mixed, nor parental capabilities stretched beyond recognition. The two that made you, plus a few that might have stepped in and done the actual heavy lifting of parental duty fulfillment if your biological makers flew the coop, well, that’s all you can get.

Each of us as individo-Americans is a non-cloned admixture of DNA/RNA, with a personal brain receptor apparatus  inherited from radically diverse strands of ancestors going back through the rodental precursor back to the one-celled slime from whence we all came, and then subject to all the powerful shapings of recent culture and nurture. There is only irrational yearning in the awarding of on-going control of our particular destinies by our sad-sack line of immediate ancestors, though we strive to locate ourselves as family embodiemnts of Uncle Tony’s line of sarcastic barbeque behavior. No, we cannot, and should not attempt to locate father-mother substitutes, and no we cannot, and should not, find emblematic forerunners of our contemporary selves in the imaginarium of ethnic, tribal, racial, or familial social constructions.

Instructing the world in rationalistic personal identity and atheist principles is hard work, but only FSN gets the science and sociology right in such power-packed, inventive blasts of energy writing- this, without the caffeine or sugar addiction substances that are causing such deleterious cognitive obesity and flatulence.

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