All across the elevated modern social world, humans are busy trying to pawn off their thoughts and expressions as some sort of bejeweled wonderment. In conversation,  many are horrifically crippled in the practice of dialogue, unable to resist the wide-open temptation to propound, mic-hogging style,  some fact-resistant stream of ill-sourced third-hand rage about some minor point that hit their passing fancy. Bloggers, talkers, teachers and parents, writers and bar-room philosophes, and yes, spouses, can be given over to the hammering away at the granite sculpturing of their own designs, disregarding the other, lesser mind consigned to admire their crassly -displayed mental handiwork.

Theists and religionists are diabolically bad at this sort of craven one-upmanship, and “debates” with them, here in WordPressland, have been, from the look and sound of it, absolute failures. Chicken-entrail readers are not given to sharing the mic, since their ultimate purpose is to swindle some sort of awestruck fealty from their subjects, and so “debate” is worthless.

That “debate” is worthless is proven time and again by the abject inability of humans to spend their precious cognitive resources on attempting to understand the electrical reasoning circuits that the other big-brained biped is displaying, but there may have been pockets of genuine interpersonal uplift flaring off in the hinterlands of the internet/smartphone/text superworlds that now command the focus and allegiance of our fellow greater chimps. Sorry to have missed it, those Face/Twit/instant-message  universes of constant frothy delight and counterpoint, but blithering know-it-alls needed, least of all, more platforms to smother the world with their pompous, arrant blather.

How about Fun Social Nihilism -is it another useless forum to spread know-it-allism? No, by definition FSB is anti-know-it-allism.

1.  FSN is based on the practice of liberal reading., with interest and pleasure in locating diverse sources of interest. Yes. a lot of communicative types read also, but FSN has put in the work, with a proprietary formula of reading that makes it the standout site for informed, ready-to-bake fun social nihilism.

2. FSN does believe in sorting out the observable world by provable and reliable forms of evidence, but it has no idea what to do with the resultant hard-baked knowledge. People say they are this or that kind of “believer,” this or that political affiliation, but there is no way of establishing if their beliefs are solid or wavy, hypocritical or superficial, antithetical to their actual practices or determinative of their fanatical immorality. Who knows what people do, why they do it, and if it is tied to any coherent, rigid set of underlying principles?

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