Giving Sincere Encouragement to Believer-Types

Though we may on opposite sides of so many actions, beliefs, and conceptions, we here at FSN would like to give full encouragement to the “Believer” side of the divide.

I. Wow, you’ve got so much to be proud of! You have done what so many of our humans ancestors and so many of our human contemporaries have tried in vain to do – you’ve gotten in touch with the “Divine.” Way to go – how on earth did you do such a thing?  You have a direct hotline to the omnipotence overseeing earthly affairs –  a hotline that billions have sought after, but you, and you alone, have managed to get the password, decode the mysteries, and stand in sole possession of ultimate truth – don’t kid yourself, even your fellow-religionists don’t have the static-free connection you’ve got  to the Almighty.

II. Where others, such as FSN, see no evidence for the “god” or ” Creator” or whatever you’re calling your personal ineffable, you don’t need evidence, and thus think no doubts. Must be nice! You can be secure, happy, and magnanimous in ascertaining the latest and greatest public relations message from the holy realm. No troubling thoughts of the limitations of short and constrained earthly lives, just pure basking in the electrical line you, and you alone of all humanity, have tapped into to the end-0f-the-line ruler of All. Hey, sincere congratulations.

III. But what are you waiting for – this is the most incredible gift ever experienced by a human. Drop everything day-t0-day, your spouse, your kids, your boring job, your bank accounts. Go on tour and give the unconnected world the benefit of your immense intuitive genius!  Every human, from the IQ superstars of Einstein to the lowliest wordpressian, wanted to have what you have – knowledge o’d god, penetration to the Eternal Unity, apperception of all things known and unknown, whatever is the damn thing you;re claiming as your cosmic possession – why be halfway? Start predicting football spreads. Give others the life instructions and death instructions they so desperately need. And if you have concluded that the holy up-in-air threesome or onesome promises you a purely happy afterlife, then perhaps that’s your next step, today, or tomorrow, right?

IV. And if you are a political believer type, say in Progress, or St. Ralph, or St. Bernie, or net neutrality, or green solar off-the-gridding, or in Edumacation, or in the glories of Roman poesy, or in your fan fiction novella, or in micro-loans for the world’s poor, then congratulations to you – you are not a social nihilist! You can rest assured that your all-in embrace of some reform or revolution or social micro-betterment or act of individual transcendence will guarantee you a revised and lovely social world. Both your life and the larger social world will have been  “redeemed,” and mostly through your personal actions.  True believers get to have a life or pure capital-M Meaning, without all the attendant anxieties about inherited and observed limitations, so again, on behalf of all of us here at FSN, we are envious, we commend you, all of you Believer-types, for your fantastical  achievements, gifts, and talents – now, don’t be sparing with what you’ve fashioned for yourselves, go out, drop everything, and Proclaim the Good Word!

Uh, can we have some of your CD collection and the Wii, now that you’re in need of nothing material, o’ spiritual seer/guru?

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