What if They Gave an Internet – And No One, Anywhere, Cared?

A milestone day was reached yesterday – by the close of business day, Eastern Greenwich Mean Time England 11:59, not one posted blog, posted essay, posted, article, posted picture, or posted photo/selfie received a single comment, likeback, rebuke, response, trollment, or any other kind of brain-to-finger reaction, at all, anywhere, all across the uselessly connected globe. This can be documented and seen by googling, dogpiling, or Bingeing “The Day No One, Anywhere,  Cared” and is now being furiously researched by teams of forensic nerds all across the behind-the-webs matrices.

In the interest of full disclosure, Fun Social Nihilism also received no views, no comments, no like-a-littles, or worldwide re-distributions that have marked the the astounding , three-digit dissemination of the world’s most radical idea shop (MRIS) known as FSN, no currently trademarked or commercialized in any form, T-shirt manufacturer , podcast, affiliation with any trustafarian think tank, alt-comedian factory, or publishing entity. Is this announcement of  The Day No One, Anywhere, Cared, then a form of confirmation bias?  Of course not. Look at the revolutionary mission statement of Fun Social Nihilism. “Free Kicks Towards an Own Goal.” The Day Non One, Anywhere, Cared (TDT-NOAC) is a precise confirmation of this self-styled mission of social nihilism. No one should care – too much already has been flung hither and yon in the Information Age, on every conceivable topic, from every fresh and stale angle, with absolutely no social betterment whatsoever in the global system of system known as The Supersystem. Every human with a screen has seen it before, has roused their capillaries of doubt and anger to respond to this or that screen-sized provocation, and been rewarded with the nothing-burger of peevish objections, glassine indifference, or outright superior-status claiming for the blogger/writer provocateur. So if the limit of supply vs. demand has been reached, with not a single person across the sentient earthscape capable of willing to let go of social worry and earned social apathy to click back across the dimming technosphere, then that is social fact, social evidence.

What were the precise feelings of ennui that coalesced into  TDT-NOAC? No one should care that much why no one, anywhere, cared, but surveys by an overly ambitious eco0marketing sociology firm suggest that all across the globe, people were struck by a common realization- nothing in their temporal lives was going to affect the workings of the supersystem. So much of our known social reality is constituted from dead, stupid, corrupt, or venal traditions of institutional antiquity that should have long ago been squashed and consigned to the foppish dustbin, but persist because of interlocking dependencies of idiocy and ignorance. Current generations do not run the world – it’s a horrific mixture of dead juridicial monsters, dead theologians, dead slavemasters, dead genocidaires, dead mean antisex, anhedonic parents that are responsible for 57% of current social reality, af gure that is down form the 92% of the dead weight of the past that ruled the country during the Leave it To Beaver 1950s,  but still a large, dispiriting number, hence the Day that No One, Anywhere, Cared, because, well, who needs more uncaring, unheeding, unresponsive social interactions. Leave  the information streams to all it all float by, in a dim haze of occasional mild sparking of desultory semi-interest, but get involved, come on, why? Cui bono?

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