The World’s Coming Our Way

The Bernie con has now been fully certified, once again establishing the truth of Fun Social Nihilism‘s core espousal. You all take the hand-wringing and equivocation from here on the rest of this epic farce of anti-politics.

In more important topicalism, here is depiction of the entirety of religion. Here is where it started, here is where it still is, here is where it can only be.

Chicken Entrails in the Garden | Fayrehale Farm: Gifts, Antiques ...

And here:

Chicken Entrails Stock Photos, Images, & Pictures | Shutterstock

These are, of course, chicken entrails. These are the basis of haruspicy, the basic form of religion as defined by the free dictionary.


a form of divination by natural phenomena, especially from inspection of the entrails of animal sacrifices. Also called extispicy, haruspication. — haruspex, aruspex, n. — haruspical, adj.
Every monotheist, every last religious divinator, every form of theology or faith-based expression, derived from this practice, and it as based on human projection. Nothing in religion has ever departed from this tendency to extract meaning from incoherent data. Chicken entrails or an old, musty story book, what’s the difference in the alleged source?
Since that is incontrovertible, then what is left for us to with our magnificent intellects? More fun is needed.
A. Did you know that “Hava Nagila” was actually the theme song of Nagila brand beer. That’s all it is about. The original lyrics are:
  Hava Nagila
  Hava Nagila.
  While your at it, Hava ‘nother Nagila.
  Why not, it’s just Nagila. Cheap, and bad.
  So why not hava another Nagila.
  Hava Nagila.
  Have ‘nother Nagila.
  Hava Nagila.
B. Did you know that Van Morrison’s “Domino” is about his damn horse. He was having trouble keeping up stable payments for the horse with his wife Janet Planet, so he wrote a song calculated to appeal to the back-to-the-land fools to pay the bills. It worked, jsut like all the other Dylan-sinpired con-jobs of the rock revolution. The song’s about his horse. Nothing more.

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