How Are We Going to Defend Ourselves to Future Generations?

Uh, it’s not going to be easy, but then it never was – every generation has its monumental blind-spots, from the dawn of humanity until the dusk that is approaching.

Two bills of particular are being formed in advance by future civilizations, among he many, against us, the contemporarians of the moment.

A. How could you keep driving and using and buying and employing as much fossil fuel, when the science was universal that global climate hell was being ushered in by the First-World over-use of polluting energy?

There are numerous tricks the individual brain fashions to protect itself as it engaged in socially deleterious but socially determined activities.  How many horse-and-buggy riders clung to their gear while the Model T’s started the befouling process that is now cleaving the icebergs of the poles?  Who foregoes energy? What responsibility does the individual have for situations of extremis and vice that predate them, override them, mock them in their earnest ivory-tower fake conscience? We knew it was wrong, but there was nothing we could do. Drop out of the fossil fuel rat race, and watch the social world do fine without you, and overrun your precious hole in the woods with clearcutters and casinos soon enough.  Go green, and watch the same process happen. Sorry, kids and grandkids, no one ever lives a morally pure life, not when there are so many social factors beyond your control or influence that shape the contours of the relevant world.

B. How could rich people keep getting away with such rampant, intensifying socio-political murder of poor people?

That was the supersystem at its worst and most malevolent  – dominating all social institutions to the point where the greatest robbery of wealth and the purpose of humanity in history was made in broad daylight, with no arrests whatsoever.  Every form of propaganda and media artifice was employed to under-gird the systemic destruction of poor peoples’ chances for a worthwhile life. We knew it was wrong, but there was nothing we could do.  That does not mean that rich and advantaged people did not encounter the baleful doleful, horrorful effects of  economic inequality in their extended kin or families or next generations, but they were given massive support in denying their connections to helping generate better opportunities for these supposedly “related'” people.

For these two indictments, blame the schools, the colleges, the writers, the politicians, the historians, the think-tankers, the ministers and the imams, authorities high and low, the mutual aidists, the wordpressian void, fermians and bosons. Just don’t blame us, right?

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