If the News Is Bad, Then Stop Listening to the News

Once you are aware of the illusions that persist about human agency, human purpose, human meaning, and human selves, there are going to be confirmations aplenty in the daily recitation of news – real news, not oleaginous updates about our political farces.

The planet is experiencing terrible, portentous warming, rampant extinction events, horrific despoilation of ecological systems, and eruptions of violent madness from humanity, but all of us are no more than ants in a colony, unable to do the slightest action that will deter the colony’s mass movements.  Every last college graduate is implored to “go out there and make a difference,” but these soon-to-be-exploited fodder are being led to the psychic slaughter of three-choices-land: no job or bad job or destructive job.  . There is not the least chance that a collective sanity will be superimposed on the actions of the ant colony of humans, which is why the news about global ecological danger zones are met with such studied incomprehension by the vast and tremulous readership of Fun Social Nihilism. 

The universe was not made for one more ant to imagine itself the world’s sole herald of a new dawn of progress and alliance. Social reality dictates that each and every ant thinks that it is the sole determinant of universal reality, but of course that cannot be so – there are six billion=plus living human ants, one supersystem governing the human ant colony, so there is only illusion, arrogance, and pretension at work in promoting endless individual human-ant expressiveness. What could we possible say that would ring true about being a ant capable of seeing the awful path the larger human ant colony is embarked upon, while being, forever, one ant, with a limited lifespan, incorporating numerous valid limitations of genetic origin, lack of access to unconscious cognitive formulations, and atavistic instincts?

We could say – good to be alive, good to be that independent ant, the universe doesn’t care about our moral concerns,  enjoy your predicamentos, be an antitheismist.  Not atheist, because that’s a nullity, and not an anti-theist, because theists can be decent people, but an -ist who is against theism. So we’ve settled that. Now go turn off the news and get out there in the non-screen world.

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