99% of Modern Humans are Atheists

Fun Social Nihilism is by definition “atheist,” but then so is virtually everyone in this here modern world. Oh, any garden-variety fool can call themselves as being whatever monotheist designation they want – they are, according to their won words, a “Christian,” a “Muslim,” a “Jew,” an Anbaptist, whatever category suits their image of themselves, in or out of their family heritage.

Ah, but then comes the problem of their actual lives. Do they own a bank account? Are they a “Muslim” who just watched some good old-fashioned porn? Are they kept in place by gravity, not from the wish-fulfillment of some ancient donkey-rider? If they are, in fact, modern humans, who use money, who  have smartphones (Neither  Jesus nor Mohammed, for all their alleged gifts, every had one, or made a blog), who rage and fulminate and lust  or are kind to little kids, then it would be hard to categorize, first and foremost, them as a “believer.” There is far too great a discrepancy between the alleged tenets of their “faiths” and their true actions. They are not theists, by any means.

Who knows what “belief” is in the mind of the alleged “believer?”  If they participate in the basic modern rituals of their common social reality, then their beliefs are mere spoken affectations, leading them to fairly absurd and stupefying political stances, with terrible consequences for the contemporary world of humans,  but they are not under the constant sway of their hideous doctrines. They do not kill unbelievers on sight. They do not off themselves for having an affair. They drink, curse, use credit cards, do thousands of small and large acts every day that are not under obvious delusions of supernatural Middle Eastern command, like the 1% of humans who have renounced all modern ways, and sit comatose for some deity to enwrap their souls with divine possession.

Fun Social Nihilism is, however, the world’s secondary proponent of antitheism, FSNers being on the far end of the rationality scale through the combination of genetic and cultural factors. FSN sees the delusions wrought by theism as far more serious than  ridiculous manufactured enthusiasms for Taylor Swift, Steven Spielberg, or Drumpf, but the worldwide FSN movement is well-aware that other atheists, and indeed anththeists, are also capable of some irrational pursuits and hobbies. Dawkins is probably studying a butterfly’s larvae as the world turns yet again today, when he could be out  raising money for Fun Social Nihilism.

Our opinions will die with us, and no can manufacture a complete copy of our own selected obsessions. Let’s just all admit that we are varying degrees of atheist, then, and go out and have some fun.

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