Essential Points for the ASpiring Social Nihilist

  1. Social Nihilists can have children, lovers, partners, jobs – we humans are all social animals, and our well-being can be established through these cherished illusions and realities of deep, lasting, personal connections and supports.
  2. Social Nihilists may or may not suffer from “depression.” A healthy skepticism about the meanings, organization, purposes, conduct of advanced complex social living may be the best source for a gainful, unmedicated psychic life, or it may lead to crushing anxiety, relieved through psycho-pharmeceutical means.  Whatever the DNA/culture mixture produces, the expression of rational insights into the fundamental and irremediable corruptions of social institutions should make the social nihilist happy to be a thinking being, but interior lives are extremely volatile. Fun Social Nihilism, as the world’s leading intellectual endeavor, is drug-free in its operation.
  3. Social nihilism is distinct from personal nihilism, which is extreme depression. The universe is not built to satisfy our longings for a completely responsive world that executes all our fantasies, so we as solitary bits of cognitive apparatuses must pursue our half-formulated passions and longings and intellectual obsessions. Good luck to one and all.
  4. If you are against social nihilism, then you follow some deluded, fantastical, reality-avoidant chimera. Identity politics, anarcho-primitivism, monotheisms from top to side, the glories of modern poetry, conscious rap, Olympic competition, astrology, edumacation, Occupado, classical history, smart technology, alt-Hollywood – each and every manifestation of the drive to become transcendent through a modern form of culture will run away from the uncomfortable truths of inherent corruption.
  5. Social nihilists have every right to be disdainful of mere human expression – see Internet, Bob Dylan, Rilke, Fos-W, the blog-mavens, fan fiction. . Does the world need more action-less commentary? Only if it is to call, as only social nihilists can do, for limits to action-less commentary, and to have some fun doing so.

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