The 9/10 rule

9/10 of humans believe that they are rational in their beliefs. These 9/10ths  also think other humans  have weird or otherwise irrational beliefs. Even completely debunked, fantastical superstitions, religious delusions, fatuous myths, and other brands of tradition-derived nonsense falls into these category of “beliefs.”

Yet as much as humans can use “reason” through one its wellsprings, evidence-interpreting  science,  to arrive at a working definition of rational belief or rational understanding, no  human can claim the distinction of complete grasp of rationalism.

Every brain, every side of political persuasion, is beset by unsupportable, inherited errata. The micro-left understands the inherent and unwavering corruption in the corporate-industrial model of medicine, but then falls over and over for fraudulent, never-proven  mass delusions from non-contemporary or non-western sources: crystals, homeopathy, acupuncture, prayer, regression therapy, throwing the I Ching, whatever else is currently thumb-tacked up at your local co-op bulletin board.

Humans lack the capacity to determine objectively why they “chose” one life partner over another, so the lunatic ideas of astrology still pepper even “educated” romantic discussions – “Capricorns are such bad matches for Pisces,” and the like.

Yet there is no hope for a mass abandonment of unsupportable social thought and practice. These delusions took millennia to become enmeshed in the supersystem, and they receive unwavering support when directly attacked. The concept of popular vote “democracy” is proven to be an utter fraud, yet it plays well in this corporate age, encouraging unreflective voting that effects no lasting social change. Steroidal and performance-enhanced elite  sports play out on the currents of criminal conspiracies ruling through superior propaganda and power. Mass education imprisons successive generations of young in either false promises of idealistic triumph or in brutal visions of individual wealth from a corporate job.

To say so, skeptics and other social nihilists are met with commenting epithets- where is the documentation, sourcing, and credential necessary for each and every shibboleth destroyed? What’s your solution, jackass?  Why are so sure of yourself, o nobody of the blogosphere? The answer is that this is the Information Age, and the deluge of printed and textual matter has included some great distillations of opposition the pieties and control frauds of work, education, politics, poetry, religion, philosophy, art, and leisure. There is so much to learn and discover about this sociological mess, and utterly noway to weave these insights into practical social change. Whatever worries may preoccupy the more enlightened few about the human condition, these anxieties will not be resolved through individual awareness or knowledge. In fact, many of these anxieties will be borne out, as any perusal of today’s news will demonstrate.

The good nonsense is also emanating from this history, though, the illusions and irreconcilable benefits that may have come the individual’s way, and they are going be played, day after day, until they completely evaporate, for that individual,  upon death. Kind of like Yacht Rock radio, always on, until then it is not.

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