The Social Nihilists’ Guide to the Rio Olympics

I. Presume that all elite-level highly competitive athletes are performance-enhanced dopers,” giving lie to the absurd claims by elite American swimmers that they are somehow “clean” while the stream-lined Russian steroid-humans  are doper-cheaters. Can this be proven?

Not by us – there are walls of protection around the hugely-invested, million-dollar training regimens, protocols, and criminal associates of the USA track, swimming, and big-lights programs. Protestations of innocence by America’s new manufactured sporting  idols are like neighborhood clean-up programs by Mafia –  if you choose to belong to Mafia, all the public relations in the world won’t erase the association between you and the outright criminality that surrounds you.  You’re in a stinking, rotten business, where winning is always, always surrounded by degrees of medical-pharmaceutical deviousness. This goes for all top-level countries, but especially so for the USA, USA!, which uses its extreme wealth advantages to get these willing stooges to compete using the veneer of being “clean” while adhering to every state-of-the-art protocol.  There is a code of silence and a paper-thin supervisory/regulatory superstructure around these competitions that nabs a few “cheaters,” sends others to money-supplied evasions that permit them a lifetime of dirty preparation,  and  gives the non-reading/illogic-minded public a good show of good guys vs. bad guys.

II. The Situationists long ago posited that our global entertainment wonderworld was a “society of the spectacle.” The modern Olympics, like modern politics, like modern religion, are daily, absurd displays of long-discredited mega-spectacles heating towards heat death.  Rio may have class horror coming out of its favelas and sludge-strewn waterways, exemplars  of the damage that First World neoliberalism has visited upon the poorer exploitation zones outside its borders, but there are untold ways to present a greenwashed, sanitized HD image of water, sand, and samba fun to the non-curious global audience. Spectacles do not go away, and they are never reformed – there is always the next set of hustler operators willing to forgo sanity and economic solvency to present the next higher iteration of witless steroid sports.

III. Once the spectacle is gone, the real world of non-spectacle will return, with its sad, immovable gray turpitude, covering over all the ills and insanities below the spectacle’s surface, so the horde/mass will salivate for a return to another fix of addictive  hypocrisy. Why not, when the quotidian reality is so full of dulled, intransigent social ills?

IV. Just don’t expect any degree of honest emotion from these athletes, as dynamic and powerful as they are in action. A male synchronized diving  duo professes  thanks, in duplicative turn,.to  “Christ” for being the “source” of his/their  “identity.” Synchronized diving does take a degree of irrational dedication that only god-believing rivals.  Jesus, though, to be fair, did place in the top three with his syncro partner Satan  in the 23AD Sea of Galilee diving  finals, so maybe these  Christian divers are doing his/its  legacy proud.

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