The Coming Irrationalism

Pointing out a contrary position will get the skeptic zero views, especially   if the skeptic is a basic average everyday nobody, without the penchant for manic, obsessive data and research trawling that marks the scholarly aspirant.  If propaganda and mass irrationalism feed off the control of information, then the logician and the anti-authoritarian become cut off from supplies of the oxygen everyone else is breathing.

That’s the condition of social nihilism, and it’s not for the faint of spirit. Families perpetuate themselves through societally -determined consensus, as do all the major social institutions, though the truth of corruption and irrationalism seeps into  the boundaries and control gates and shaping forces, making the congenitally skeptic not alone, but still marginalized because of his or her inability to follow the consensus off the cliff.

One way the forces of criminal power intimidate their way through obvious immorality is to profit from established institutional supports for their horrid actions. Olympic athletes are obviously and generally transhuman, in the sense of having transformed their bodies though chemical-medical means, and this means you, Michael Phelps, and you,  Anthony Irwin, and, you,  Katinka Hosszu, and on down the line, but for an average everyday nobody, or even a en- Olypmic swimmer, to say so about one of them: link:, then out comes the lawsuit for libel. How many corporate crimes have been perpetuated through the use of courts to enforce recalcitrance on the part of whistleblowers, victims, or journalists?

For the future, the social facts will be so awful that to fashion a life built on the expression of them will  seem lunatic, outrageous, or incomprehensible . Climate change is inevitable, perverse, and completely anti-moral in its effects, but no one wants to ruin a summer vacation talking about it. Economic inequality has always been a horrific feature of western capitalism, and yet no one can approach the beast as it grows ever larger. There is either full avoidance of systemic class oppression  as an entity, or else there is Bernie-style hopium that is dead on arrival. Every institution thwarts humane awareness, in ways small or big, in either being above regulatory governance, or from invading these pathetic structures with outright criminality,such as tax avoidance by wealthy religions, giant insurance rackets in health care, or corporate R&D and corporate money-laundering entities otherwise known as America’s universities.


OK, you go ahead and try to fashion a career documenting these or other unlimited forms of supersystemic corruption. You’ll live on two nickels a week in a an overstuffed apartment, and never have a romantic partner who  is not a cutter. Who is America’s big truth-teller? There’s not one who is not fatally and absurdly compromised, specious, or fraudulent – Hedges/Chomsky/Nader/Michael Moore/Solnit/Sanders/counterpunch/common dreams/ alternet/anarchist an on down the list of Names, all bogus in their pretensions to command and insight.

This, though, does not give anyone the right to be a doomer. Westeners think that each life is guaranteed a specific set of institutional supports, and they spend their precious earthly  moments expressing each frustration with each visitation of incompetence from within that supersystem. No one is in the sky to record your complaints, o western amigo. When you die, all your anxieties go with you, never to be seen again. If you’ve got to go along publicly, in job or family or in entertainment pursuits, to a necessary survival degree, then you can privately open a wordpress account to record the greater truths about propaganda and corruption. Though we cannot fully  document each and every charge against the artificial and the criminal masters of of contemporary world,  we do have some idea of what is going on, and the right, for now, to express our considered judgements about Hosszu, Phelps, Tirado, Ledecky, Bolt, Gatlin, David Ortiz, Tom Brady, Terrell Owens, the Alabama football team, Texas high school football teams, cyclists, boxers, the NBA, gymnasts- probably Kurt F. Vonnegut was injecting T  for all we know. Mobbed-up and dirty, that’s our world.

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