What about the Vested Interests?

As your life swims on its honest ways,  there are levels above that you will never touch, where the vested interests of the supersystem play. Hedge funds, transnational oil companies, corporate HR departments, estate tax attorneys, advertising surveillance  corps, military procurement offices,  private airline escort services for the corporate rich, interstate paving companies, supertankers bringing wheat across the globe, Google on its way to your pocket, celeb bloggers, corporate spa retreats, and spiritual devotees with advanced degrees.

There came the Bernie Sanders “political revolution,” hot on the heels of the Occupadoes, the Battle to Lose Seattle, Ponderosamos, Syriza, Syria, Ronconcemon, Emily’s List, whatever lectern-strong “movement” the micro-left can elevate from the classroom floor.  All fall, all fail all go precisely back to the ether from whence they sprang, because they do not have Plan 1 for how to deal with the Vested Interests. How are you going to take out the Mafia that demands payment every day, and has for decades?  Where does your plan take out the profit motive that starts the flow of all corruption? How do you snap your fingers and eliminate the transnational health insurance companies? How do you instantly retire the corporate-endowment supported professorships that undergird the Ivory Tower?  How do collapse the tax system that provides the energy to expand the economic inequality machine of modern economics? How do you provide a way for people to earn money within your new “revolution?”

The vested interests must always be accounted for, since they are the Mafia that owns the courts, the police, the tax systems, the military, the unions, the camps and firepits of higher academia, the airways and the waterways and the language and the hopes and desires of lowly folk. Ever try to take one of their houses away? Ever try to deny them their hold on privilege? Every try to shut them up?  Ever stopped a bomber?  Ever try to even the score? No, of course you haven’t done any of those necessary steps towards a “better world.”  How could you?

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