FSN – At Work, 24/7

Fear not, the global syndicate of systems analysts at FSN are always on the watch, searching horizons, by-ways, and cybernetic interstices for refutations of its essential philosophy. Sadly, for the world, another day, another set of confirmations of social nihilism

Despite the actual, unshakeable cognitive yearnings of multitudes of differently-hued and attired seekers, the conceptual entity known to some as “gahh” or “allah” or Yahweh bin Yahweh” or by many, many other names, did not appear in any physical manifestation to these poor, unfortunate seeker souls. Another day, another quashing of the decaying urge for some sort of transcendence. Sorry, folks, perhaps it is time to move along from that concept. Earlier generations have given up on chicken-entrail reading, the commands of the frog goddesses, slaughtering second-bron sons, and so the entire notion is bound to be scrapped, at the rate humanity is going with the never-encountered phantasm.

Same is also true for the tenets of homeopathy, and for social revolutionary movements, and for so many other causes that committed folks far and wide can be observed entreating for, in speeches, papers, amateur research, and superficial contemplation. With the wealth gap between black and white Americans at an astounding statistical figure that non-nihilists can look up, the black liberation movement seems to be on a precipitous decline, with no national political figure to carry forth the flag after the Obama figurehead is mothballed.

Another uneventful day for philosophy, which has its ardent exponents in WordPressland and other low-tide backwaters, but cannot surmount the tendency to make too much of cognitive meandering. No known philosophy has proven sufficiently reliable, nor sufficiently resilient, nor even fun enough to give modern humans a  chance to make sense of the supersystem. Instead, invalid monstrosities derived from eugenics and Protestanism propagate freely, giving canards like racism and “the free market” and crimogenic corporate extortion their ever-widening meadows.

Other sites may give the “news,” or do the deep state obsesso-research, or collect Hollywood drug stories, or micro-analyze pitching statistics, but only FSN is there to bring all the world’s information into one unyielding stream, day after day, moment after moment – there will be no let-down, as when a season closes for a losing team, giving the player the sense of promises unfulfilled, with nowhere to begin again, with the autumnal sadness of losing tearing at the very essence of a person’s directed humanity. Instead, here at FSN, the game is always on, the instruments are always attuned to social betterment indicators, but we are a non-profit, and have no incentive to corrupt the findings. There are no active indicators lighting up in the positive social outcome territory. When that does happen, if that does happen, we here at FSN pledge that we will be the first to report on that “breaking” development. Stay tuned.

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