“Fun” Nihilism?

“Fun” as a word is an inherent part of sarcasm, as in the expression: “Are you funnin’ me?” that was so popular back in the moonshine days.

“Fun” is not what nihilism tends towards, of any variety. The oncoming”shitstorm,” as Richard Heinberg heralds in his latest “Museletter,” is not “fun” to observe arriving in its first stages, let alone when the fan gets involved.  1.5 degrees of global warming , the absurd non-target selected by the buccaneers at the IPCC, is like a one-drink promise for a group of drunks.

The trillion-dollar military of the US is not “fun” in any sense – it is an abhorrent spectacle. If “war is a lie,” as David Swanson titles his book, what is the number of lies that go into trillions of dollars spent on using cheap oil to kill people to get more cheap oil?

Anti-politics is not “fun,” not from any side, for any candidate, for any social initiative. To be alive, with a functioning mind, able to read and discover new pieces of information every day, but to see a malevolent supersystem impeding any positive  uses of information is not “fun.”

Non-work, in service of the stupidities of that supersystem, is not “fun.” The amount of shuck/jive/dishonesty necessary to stay gainfully employed is not a victory of the human spirit. The supersystemic expansion of class control is not “fun”  for the vast majority of people.

Neither racism nor sexism is “fun.” The US has never had a black political leader, only lower-level senators or representatives, plus one recent token figurehead con artist who worked hand-in-hand with white racists to cement in place more white racism.   This scam will return with the fiction of a “woman” president, who will do for abortion rights and poor women’s access to jobs what the allegedly “black” president did for the lives of the mass incarcerated and jobless black and brown of this country.

The lies and bigotry and social oppression countenanced and exacerbated by monotheistic religion is not “fun,” and is only marginally “fun” to smite in wordpress snipings.

Where, then, if humans are locked in this supersystemic trap, headed for greater miseries than any doomer site can portend, does “fun” come in as a credentialed delegate to the party?

Because the “shitstorm” has not hit yet, though it is most assuredly coming, in our lifetimes –  if we are privileged to live outside the world’s death belts of poverty and war – there are celebrations occurring across the globe, with actual, healthy humans basking in the unearned pleasures that cheap oil has wrought in the technosphere. We may know this is not going to end well, not at all, but if the drinks are cheap,  that never stopped a good party, not even on the nicely furnished deck of the USS Titanic.


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