A Nation of Idiots

With the signs all pointing one way towards more institutional horror and stupidity, it should be clear that trying to uplift the world’s selection of the species that resides in the US and A is absolute folly. Young folks and senior grump alike, the vast majority of America’s residents are enculturated to become hideous, deformed opinionators. Education does not matter, the interwebs do not matter, and of the institutions that do matter, none are within sight of the demolition job that needs to occur.

Why? There are many factors that operate within this hideous supersystem to produce such a dramatically unhealthy, pestilent grouping, there are prominent ones that are particular loathsome in their red, white, and blue variation.

  1. The education system cannot “challenge” the minds of its prisoners or wardens or guards. The system derived from the horrors of Christian missionary propaganda, and it still beholden to the corporate militarism that is the hallmark of the Christian delusion. Teachers are enculturated themselves to be jingoistic  authoritarians, with parents guarding the book bags lest any communist tract get introduced. Politicians ram through brain-devouring minutiae in the form of constant standardized testing, with psychotropic drugs ready to keep the malcontents in line. PROGNOSIS: higher tuition, less teaching, more unemployment for degree recipients, less independent research, more mental illness illustrating the intense pressures on students and worker-teachers alike.
  2. The workplace is the haven for snitches and dull-witted managers. This is as  much true for the allegedly “union” workers as it is for the drone of the transnational corporate rat race. With so little in the way of support for the lives of workers, jobs become vehicles to enlarge the destruction of humanist principles. Unions pronounce their gratitude for political criminals supporting their union jobs in the nuclear industry. Teacher union endorse moronic Christian knuckle-draggers like Elise Stefanik. PROGNOSIS: public-sector union become even more conservative, using the hucksterism of Christian lunatics as their leadership to get in bed with the managerial overlords.
  3. The deceits of race and class become heightened and integral for the liting, rusted imperial project. Rather that having an identity based on humanistic principles of solidarity, knowledge, and skepticism, the illusions of bonds through skin color or money hoarding become the last bastions for the people with only a Dollar Left. PROGNOSIS: more inter-woven enmity based on race and class, enforcing stratification, only slightly-covered over racism and classism, and official pronouncements of glorious harmony.
  4. All this social horror produces glumsters among  those fortunate enough to be able to read, cranks who bum out every party, every family get-together, every social media hub. Living as an accursed minority always exacts its costs, and that status will never change for the Ameri-nihilist. There will be no overthrow of the ruling stupidities of racism, classism, gun-nut-ism, and theism in this country, not while it holds the bag of worldwide plunder. PROGNOSIS:  for the social nihilist, life as an aggrieved refusenik, needing to stay afloat with obligatory blank adherence to the dictates of empire, while secretly seething with righteous antipathy at each day’s confirmation of the outright stupidity  perpetrated by the nation of credentialed,  never-challenged, educated and uneducated dummies and hateful bigots, either of the chicken-entrail reading Christian kind, or of whatever ersatz “spiritual” dogmatic reaction formation succeeds it.
  5. Let’s go,  Team!  PROGNOSIS: no team.

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