Clamping Down on The Tumult

Major taste-wasting websites are now falling in line to get rid of “comments,” leaving the realm of digital fantasia more and more and more in corporate ownership. While social reality has not exactly been upended because of the phone-line capability extended to the unwashed masses, the world of power was getting an taste of the unrule that exists among the skeptics of the lower castes. So, claiming some new-style  mixture of feigned sensitivity to feelings hurt by the blasts of anonymous vituperation with branding imperatives, the bosses simply shut off the power.

This has been in the works since Tim Berners-Lee played Don Quixote to the corporate overlords of the supersystem. Instead of banning these stealth marauders outright, the idealists oft he early age  were let the colossus in  the front door. Ads, bigger ads, and the introduction of “moderating” comments were infiltrated into the open meadows of the DARPA project, dooming the concepts of “free” or “open” speech.

Still, the hilarious, often stupid and bigoted voices of the people could be viewed in full glory targeting their pet conspiracy obsessions in the backtalk sections. As with corporate academia, though, the powerful, even if allegedly “liberal,” bosses want the mic controlled by them. Professors, like corporate CEOs, pay lip service to the Enlightenment ideals of critical speech, but cannot tolerate the informed, blatant signs of lower caste disapproval, so the money, the grades, the extortion and destruction campaigns stay in place.

The second-best guardians of power are the second-class citizens. The trope of the “troll” gained currency as the rebuke to anyone not in line with the philosophic order of the website “owner” or content manipulator. Yet it is the overlord structure that regularly and pervasively commits the massive crimes, of inserting devious ad pollution wherever it can, that forces fraudulent propaganda down the open mouths of the hatchlings, that keeps churning out the ridiculous products of sci-fi militarism that keeps the fragile male ego preoccupied with stupidity.

WordPressland, like the bantustans of the comments section, is doomed. No mere talk, even of the most flavorful, dynamic anti-superystemic kind, is going to keep out the malevolent invasions of moneyed power. Social nihilists have withdrawn the losing bets, like carnival chumps that see the rigged manipulations of the fake game. We’ll still play since there are no other games in town, but with less money, and even less dedication. *FSN has a no moderation policy. Say whatever the hell you want, If that’s what’s you want to say. Idiot or savant, we are clumps of stardust. 


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