Addicts and Their Compulsive Ignorance

You can only point the folly and illogic and impending danger of their actions  to addicts for so long – they will go back to that substance  with mulish persistence, compelled by the forces of their unreason and their altered physiologies.

White Americans have been in rehab for decades now, hooked on the cloying, rancid highs that hit the Main Streets full force back in the Ronald Reagan early 80’s dystopia.  Business is the business of idiots, deceitful mountebanks, jackass manipulators, venal predators, but white America wanted to chase these lardass pushers, and so now these self-destructive malingerers will chase that ultimate expression of business idiocracy and criminality, “Damn Turd Pol” Donald Trump.

How many times can you tell someone the truth about their most ingrained myths? Who has the power to stop a onrushing, full-throttle speeder cranked to the gills on Red Bull, fascistic victim-blaming, anti-sociological nostrums, and blowhard fatheadness?  They are going to  crash, and we know it. Short of killing them, there is only the knowledge that addicts will play out their destiny, given that the conditions are right for them to continue to use, to take their ill-gotten gains, their inherited plunder, their decayed and thoroughly disturbed psyches, and blow it all on some blow-out, body-destroying overdose.

Go ahead, put your Trump bumperstickers on, White America, put your signs in your brown lawns, gun your F-150’s, and see where your brains end up after the impact.

You can’t say we didn’t warn you, day after day, session after session.

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