No Bots Involved in Production Of Fun Social Nihilism

Civilizational humans used to have  a cult veneration for learning emanating from one of themselves, or themselves. High culture was associated with deep, absurd, monomaniacal Hellenic or Italianate expounding, myth-telling, or political blatherskite, none of which is in any way necessary to breathe or function as a fully-up-to-date modern modern human. This has long been the Information Age, now processed and delineated by machines, coded to become omnipresent bots, but not in the presentation of social nihilism.

Computer machines and algorithmic over-saturation can permeate any field of cognition – who knows more Shakespeare and string theory Geschreklichkeit than you, the professor/wordpress sage, or some pre-programmed machine.? Though not even a computer machine can absorb and reconstitute every fact and bit and byte and droplet of knowledge recorded by the elevated bacterium known as humans, still humans of all failing, limited, and aging varieties still fashion themselves hugely intelligent, smart, aphoristic, and singularly mentally competent.  Machines are being injected into every social reality, but they are not good nihilists, and they are even worse at pretending to offer a template for human existence. What machine shakes its fist at its own inheritance?

The worldwide purveyors of Fun Social Nihilism are not bots, and they do not have polymathic coverage of all the arts and sciences that make up western civilization. How many photons in the muskmelon? Who sang base in the Monaco Philharmonic’s stage presentation of Shakepeare’s Twelth Night in 1936? Quote two verses of Rimbaud’s epic goatherding poetry? Sorry, that is not the culture that Fun Social Nihilism wishes to traffic in, cavort with , or waste its waning moments of complete sanity/brain aptitude upon.   A healthy rejection of the anhedonic, inhumane self-puffery of the bookish educamoles is necessary.

Let other would-be Goethes go the monkish, screen slavery  route, but even they will be, or already have been, taken over by the bots. Who is to say that any modern author, giving  the absolutely false impression of limitless time and interest and background in the infinite sources of information and historical knowledge now constructed during the Internet Age, is not actually a bot? Does any mainstream, big-think, feted author not avail him or her or bot-self of the much better performance capabilities of the bot?  Who better, now or in the future, to write a history of, say, string theory and quantum molecular physics? Some low-rent cosmic adult, who has to mow the lawn, fend off roaming charges on his or phone bill, give a lecture to drug-addled freshman post-partygoers, and deal with his or her own medicated self-loathings, or  a bot? Who has world-class computing and sourcing and researching speed – the dumb-ass modern human/professor, or the bot?

Where is the brain to lead, conduct, instruct, and pacify the modern world?  Among the shiftless, sleep-deprived, intensely anxious horde of slimy-brained humans, or among the sleek, non-benefit-needing, artificial ranks of the bots?  Transnational corporate culture has long ago seen this future, and that is why each and every author and professor is but one bad review from being replaced, in the stealth of the toxic night, by a much better-performing bot.  Not here, though. Here, it’s just humans, and their insignificant little electro-modules known as the brain.

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