Wow, Are Theists Stupid

After fun and devastating brief forays into the bottom-drawer “social media”  known as wordpress, mostly to defend atheism against contumacious attack from the moron choir of Catholics, Christians, and other spurious mountebanks, the editors and support staff of Fun Social Nihilism have paused to assess the victories.

Obviously, theists are chicken-entrail readers, destined to inhabit the realms of superstitious nonsense as others benefit from the gains of the Enlightenment and the Information Age and move past into more reason-based anxiety and social trauma.

Who really should care about these western dodos, the theistic fantasists? They’ve got all the advantages of imperial plunder – money, “education,” the Cosmos TV show, science in their newsfeeds, but they persist in Stone age foolishness. Boy, do they persists – reams and reams of fictitious babble, from Marilynne Robinson on down, some of it so obtuse (“man did not come from apes”) that mere words will never suffice to document the  exhaustion of contending with such artificial stupidity.

Only time will bury them in their deep lunacy regarding the governing forces upon humanity, but old traditions die hard, and the religious right, along with the religious center, along the with religious center-left, are tenaciously embedded in all the major institutions of American (though not as much European)  life, and social media mockery, while necessary and genuinely instructive, cannot scale the heights of truly enraging idiocy (dare we mention the “man did not come from apes” comment again?). No one gets paid to slam these buffoons, no one feels good about about the future prospects of  humanity when confronted by so much viral vapidity  – anti-family planning, anti-sex, anti-empathy, pro-criminal theft of social resources, anti-education, pro-war, anti-family respect, anti-euthansia, anti-humanism of the Catholics, Protestants and Jews (Muslims are on the outside yet) that make up the orthodoxy of social thought in the US and A.

A minority position is tragic when there are so many enduring negative social outcomes that stem from religious tradition-supported political oppression. No one should write for Art, which is its own grotto of vanity and monomania. Your stories and poems, your plays and raps, your daubings and castings, may be part of a fairly wothwhile lineage of artistic expression, but they are also dead-ends, ruled by another toxic ruling class of posturing knowledge. Do you really want to be the next Jonathan Franzen, or Jonathan Lethem, or gorgeous yet troubled female MFAer?

The world is not going to be redeemed or even reformed by even the most vigorous writing armamentarium. The natural world is always a state of flux and discovery, but humans are a social species, so social fear keeps social change to an intolerable minimum.  With all the writing programs in the world overstuffed, western society still has hedge fund managers, Haliburton, God-bothering, ramped-up climate catastrophe, and anti-politics. So – why write? Why write at all?

Because that is also our nature – to cognitively resist, to fight the looming specter of cellular annihilation, to enjoy the powers of unrestricted thought. Most times, that is simply more vain bluster, this process and product of self-expression, but it can also be a smooth and controlled ride, albeit short.


  1. Your stuff is priceless, I can’t help but see this in my head whenever I read your “arguments”

    Let me know when you’re ready to have a public debate. I really want to know where you got this whole chicken entrail thing


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