Clearing Away the Dreck

The number of insane “beliefs” that have been unearthed by the modern Information Age is as great a marvel as any accomplishment humans have constructed to date. At Fun Social Nihilism, teams of researches have maintained binders full of of what are termed, in-house, Bijis. This is a shortened acronym for The Shit They Believe is Just Insane – TST-BIJI. Using carefully annotated evidence, these teams of truth-tellers have answered each and every falsehood promulgated by typing centurions of the Interwebs. A sampling should be instructive – false beliefs lead to false actions, a process which  constitutes the near entirety of our supersystem.

  1. No, there was never a Jesus. It’s all made up story-telling. Let it go.
  2. No, there is no evidence, and there was no evidence, for a supernatural super-being, anywhere. Sorry. Not a Yahweh, not an Allah, not any Chosen People commandant.
  3. No, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton is a humanist. They are militarists, power-occupying, deceit-dispensing lesser-evilists. That’s what the superystem produces.
  4. No, it is absolutely a women’s right to have contraception and abortion be available so that she can terminate her pregnancy. Why, in  world of complete imperial plunder, murder, and genocide, is there this crocodile concern for a zygote’s “Life”? Life is killed by a religious zealot’s bacon double cheeseburgers, Life is killed  by a religious zealot’s gas-spewing extra-wide SUV. Life is killed every day by humans, especially by religion-deluded  western hypocrites.
  5.  No, there is not going to be a “powerdown” of global industrial civilization. There is no social mechanism to reduce the heat-suffering that will occupy human existence.
  6. No, corporations are not benevolent, nor is there any effective social control over their ecological marauding.
  7. No, there is no way to govern in accordance with humanistic principles in this supersystem, so the only realistic politics is a form of social nihilism. Wan, folkish hope through “edumacmation” or social media blathering is a blight upon the hold of rationality upon the human social brain.

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