Anti-Social Media

Fun social Nihilism  is, of course, at its heart, anti-social media. FSN is not on 1. Facebook, nor on 2. Twitter (that’s just for comics, and comics alone, to get their brand out there). It never, every, uses 3. emoticons, nor 4. those backward-parentheses or colons or whatnot. It almost never gives, nor does it truly accept the 5. “like” designation, nor the like “button.”

Why? Because thoughts should be expressed, using the common form of words in a line of text. Also for that reason, FSN refuses to send nor accept sending of 6. videos. Server farm juice does not need to be wasted on the endless sending of pirated videos. Folks can pointed to videos, of course, and videos can be referenced, but no one needs to sit through stranger-recommended videos, unless they are short, creative, and technically superior. Time is always of the essence in this supersystem.

What is the point of making a public media presentation of anti-social media? Surely not to improve the public conversation. Even on wordpress, and fully in the greater public world, the noise of the human social world is hideous, pointless, and nearly artless. Libertarian jackasses are being press-ganged from the academy with vituperative anti-humanist degrees, and they predominate in the current US version of social media. Modern-day entrail readers issue fatwas and “debate” challenges,  as fully committed religionists, having endless time and server farm juice to spread stalker lunacy.

Then comes the mounting embarrassment of the 7. “comments”  sections. What is the point of engaging with virus-infected opponents? They will never concede, they are lost to their diseases and cognitive impairments as fully as any terminal patient. While the act of “moderating” comments was once derided by FSN as cowardly, a little late-stage experience has proven the obverse is true. Life is too short, the issues to baleful, the social reality too parlous to necessitate the endless engagement of those who are burdened by irrational, immovable “faith” systems of conservatism, libertarianism, art-phoniness, logorrhea, Democratic Party liberalism, mansplaining, and there is no capacity within the governing structure of social media to generate much shaming of the racist anti-humanists of screen typing persuasion.

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